Words from a Graduate

This is my third semester working as a Service Learning Associate.  I have worked with Professor Lydia Greiner and her Public Health Nursing course, which incorporates traveling to Nicaragua during March break to incorporate various public health initiatives.  During my first semester as an SLA, I worked with Lydia to help prepare the logistics of the trip and as a result, was introduced to the project in the beginning of the semester.  In March, I was lucky enough to travel with Lydia and the group thanks to the Center for Faith and Public Life and efforts on Lydia’s behalf!  During this trip the students conducted surveys pertaining to lifestyle choices, diabetes and hypertension.  It was incredible to be able to watch the trip and community work run so smoothly after having spent so much time with it beforehand.  It was also incredible to spend a week in Nicaragua, learning about and befriending the people in the community of Ayapal. This experience really exemplified service for me because it was the first time I was looking at service through a more of an administrative aspect instead of as a direct participant.  It opened my eyes to the different aspects that are involved with volunteering while still being able to participate.  Since then I have continued to love working as an SLA!

–Megan Collins, Service Learning Associate