Service Learning Student Won Grant for $5K to Benefit Community

Last semester, I took a class called Grant and Proposal Writing. As an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing, this class was an option for fulfilling my concentration. I saw that the class was a service learning class, but I wasn’t sure how that would fit in with the subject matter, but I was interested in the topic and had taken service learning classes before, so I signed up. On the first day of class, I found out that we would be working in teams to co-author grants for local non-profits. I worked with two other girls to write a total of three grants to benefit Homes for the Brave, an organization that helps homeless veterans. I felt like I learned so many technical skills to improve my writing knowledge and expertise, but also that I made such a difference in this small organization and that I learned so much from my limited interactions with the amazingly humble and grateful men that HftB served.

I decided to stay on as the Service Learning Associate the next semester, and imagine my surprise when just a few weeks into the course I found out that one of my team’s grants had been funded for $5,000! I think that this accomplishment made the current students see that they could really make a tangible difference in their organization, even as first-time grant writers. I love being the SLA for this class because I have the technical knowledge to help the students with the nitty-gritty, but also a love of giving and learning from the non-profit culture that helps students reflect on their own meaningful experiences.

–Daryll Fay, Service Learning Associate