Fairfield versus Stony Brook March 15, 2014 Pre Game Report

To the Founders and Friends of Fairfield Lacrosse- the Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Stags will play Stony Brook Seawolves on Saturday March 15, 2014 at 1 PM on Alumni Field. Stags come into the game with a 3-2 record and the Seawolves have a 3-3 season mark. Stony Brook plays in the America East Conference. Last year’s game against the Seawolves was “snowed” out.
The Seawolves opened the season with a two game home stand. They lost the home opener against Marist by a 13-12 score. Stony Brook rebounded with a home win against Lafayette by an 18-10 final. Traveling to Durham, NC in their road opener, the Seawolves lost to then #2 ranked Duke by a 14-6 score. Returning home, Stony Brook beat Rutgers by a 12-9 margin. Last Saturday, the Seawolves at home stayed with the #1 ranked Maryland before losing by an 11-8 score. On Tuesday night, Stony Brook had a shoot out against Sacred Heart prevailing by a 14-13 final. The teams played to a 3-3 tie in the first quarter. The Seawolves scored seven goals in the second period to take a 10-6 half time lead. Challen Rogers lead the Stony Brook laxmen in the first half scoring three goals and three assists. Sacred Heart rallied in the third quarter outscoring the Seawolves by a 4-2 margin with Stony Brook leading 12-10 after three quarters. The visitors from Sacred Heart jumped into a 13-12 lead in the fourth period but the Seawolves scored the last two goals including the game winner with 1:16 left in the game.
After six games, the Seawolves have averaged 11.67 goals per game and the opponents have also averaged 11.67 goals per game. Stony Brook has scored 70 goals this year while taking 199 shots for a .352 shot percentage. The opposition have has scored 70 goals after taking 246 shots for a .285 shot percentage. The Seawolves have scored 47 goals with an assist and the opposition scored 36 goals via an assist. Seawolves are credited with 23 unassisted goals and their opponents have 34 unassisted goals. The Stony Brook man up team has put the ball in the back of the cage 13 times out of 21 chances for a .619 conversion rate. The opposition’s man up unit has countered with four goals out of eleven attempts for a .364 conversion rate.
Stony Brook scooped up 200 ground ball and their opponents have gotten 175 ground balls. The Seawolves have 92 turnovers versus 76 turnovers for their opponents. The Seawolves defense has 25 caused turnovers and their opposition has 36 caused turnovers. Stony Brook’s faceoff unit has 97 wins out of 159 chances for a .610 win percentage. The opponents have 62 wins out of the 159 face offs for a .390 face off percentage. On clears, Seawolves have been successful 92 times out of 107 chances for a .860 clear percentage. Their opponents have cleared the ball 88 out of 99 tries for a .898 clear percentage. Seawolves have been flagged 12 times for 9.0 minutes of penalty time. Their opposition has received 25 penalties for 20.30 minutes.
Stony Brook scores lots of goals and shoots lots of shots. The Seawolves have scored 23 goals in the fourth quarter this season and 19 goals in the second quarter. The third quarter has seen the 15 goals and they have warmed up with 13 goals in the first stanza. The opposition has countered with 18 goals in the first and third quarters. Opponents hit the back of the nets 17 times in the second and fourth quarters. Stony Brook has taken 56 shots in the fourth quarter in 2014 and 51 shots in the second quarter. Their “down” quarters are the first and third period with 46 shots being taken. Their opponents’ best quarter for shots is the second quarter with 67 shots and 66 shots in the last period. The opposition has fired off 61 shots in the third quarter and “only” 52 shots in the first quarter.
Stony Brook features lots of scorers on this team. The leading scorers are # 18 Brody Eastwood with twenty goals and # 23 Challen Rogers with nine goals and thirteen assists for twenty points. Both Eastwood and Rogers are Canadian products. Founder Joe Kern thinks the Canadian attack men have an advantage because of their box lacrosse backgrounds. Matt Shultz has 8 goals and 11 assists for 19 points. Mike Rooney also has scored 8 goals with 9 assists for 17 points. With 15 points this year is Chris Hughes getting seven goals and eight assists. Jake Sichenzia has 6 points and Mike Andressi has five points. Five other Seawolves players have two points in the 2014 campaign. The Seawolves have used all three of their goalkeepers this year. Sophomore Patrick Fleming has played almost 148 minutes. He has allowed 28 goals against for an 11.35 goals against average. Fleming has 18 saves and a .391 save percentage. Sophomore Dan Shaughnessy has played 150 minutes in goal. Shaughnessy allowed 30 goals for a 12.00 goals against average. In the games played, he was credited with 22 saves for a .423 save percentage. Freshman Hayden Johnstone played 62 minutes in the 2014 campaign. Johnstone has 12 goal allowed for an 11.61 goals against average. He has been credited with 8 saves so far this season.
The goalkeeping duties were split up on the following basis-Fleming started the season in goal against Marist. In the Lafayette game, Fleming played 58 minutes and Johnston got to play 2 minutes in the game. Against Duke, Shaughnessy got the start and played the entire game. Shaughnessy was in the pipes for the next game against Rutgers. Playing the # 1 ranked Maryland, the Seawolves played Johnston. On Tuesday, Fleming played the first half and Shaughnessy played the second half. Don’t see this too often at D1 lacrosse especially at this point of the season.
Fairfield is averaging 13.2 goals per game in the 2014 season while holding the opposition to 9.20 goals per game. The Stags have scored 66 goals in its five games out of 162 shots for a .407 shot percentage. The opponents scored 46 goals out of 161 shots for a .286 shot percentage. Thirty six of the Stags goals came via an assist while the opponents scored twenty four assisted goals. Fairfield has 30 unassisted goals and the opposition has scored 22 unassisted goals. Fairfield has scored eleven times out of 23 man up chances for a .478 conversion rate. Fairfield’s man down defense has allowed only three extra man goal this season out of thirteen chances for a .230 conversion rate.
Fairfield has scooped up 142 ground balls in 2014 and the opposition has captured 152 ground balls. The Stags have turned the ball over 66 times and the opponents had 75 turnovers. Fairfield had 37 caused turnovers while the Stags’ opponents have been credited with 34 caused turnovers. In the face off game, the Stags won 56 times out of 129 chances for .434 winning percentage. The opposition are 73 of 129 face offs for a .566 winning percentage. The Stags has successfully cleared 88 times out of 97 chances for a .907 clear percentage this season. The opponents cleared 67 times successfully out of 80 chances for a .837 clear percentage. Officials flagged the Stags 16 times in the five games for 15 minutes and the opponents received 23 penalties for 22 minutes of penalty time.
The Stags scored eighteen times in both the opening stanza and the third quarter. Fairfield has scored sixteen times in the fourth quarter and 13 times in the second quarter. The team also has the one big OT goal against Yale. The opponents scored 14 goals in the second quarter and thirteen times in the first stanza. Twelve goals have been scored in the third period and only seven goals in the fourth quarter by the opposition. The fourth quarter has seen the Stags taking 49 shots, 40 shots in the third quarter, 37 times in the first quarter, 37 times in the second quarter and one big shot in OT. Stags’ opponents have 44 shots in the second quarter, 42 in the third quarter, 37 in the first quarter, 36 shots in fourth quarter and two in the OT period.
Tristian Sperry leads the team in scoring with 19 points, ten goals and nine assists. Eric Warden leads the team in goals with 15 and has two assists for 17 points. Colin McLinden is now third in team scoring with three goal and 11 assists for 14 points. Jake Knotsman and TJ Neubauer have 10 points in the 2014 season. Neubauer has nine goals and one assist while Knostman has eight goals and two assists. Dave Fleming has seven goals and one assist for eight points. Next on the scoring list is Drew Federico. Federico has six points consisting of four goals and two assists. Conor Dalton has scored five goals in 2014 while Mikey Gulasey has scored three goals and two assists for five points. Nick Guida and Nico Panepinto have three points, Guida with one goal and two assists and Panepinto has three assists. Jack Murphy played 287 plus minutes in the five games played. Forty six goals have been scored against him for a 9.17 goals against average. He has been credited with 43 saves for a .494 save percentage. Tyler Behring played almost 15 minutes in the nets in relief of Murphy. Two goals have been scored against him for an 8.22 goals against average and credited with one save for a .333 save percentage.
I find this to be a very interesting game. What Stony Brook team will we see at Alumni Field on Saturday? The team that played #1 Maryland tough or the team that lost to Marist and almost lost to Sacred Heart? They have a good face off man and their man up unit has been very productive. The Seawolves only played one game on the road this season against Duke. Will that be a factor as all their other games were at home? Who will play in goal for Stony Brook against the Stags? Have the Stags come down after the Yale game? I am sure Coach Copelan and the coaching staff has the Fairfield laxmen ready to play. There will be lot of questions to be answered on Saturday afternoon.
I will be attending the Stony Brook game. My son’s high school team will be attending to see how the collegiate play. Think I will try to enter the game with his team as they are getting a better admission price than even my reduced senior rate!!! It is predicted to be 50 plus degree day on Saturday. Hard to believe especially when it was so cold with the wind chill also that we experienced on Thursday. If you can find the time, please try to make this game. Think there are going to be an entertaining game with lot of goals being scored.
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GO STAGS!! Roger Yergeau ’73

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