Fairfield versus Michigan April 5, 2014 Pregame Report

To the Founders and Friends of Fairfield Lacrosse- The #13/#15 Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Stags play on Saturday April 5, 2014 in the showdown at The Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Stags will play fellow ECAC Lacrosse League member, the Michigan Wolverines. Game time is 5:00 PM. The Michigan Football Spring game will precede the lacrosse game. The Stags enter the game with a record of 8-2 overall and 1-0 in the ECAC Lacrosse League .The Wolverines have a 2014 season record of 4-7 and have a ECAC Lacrosse League record of 1-1. Michigan has qualified to be in the ECAC Lacrosse League Championship Tournament at Ohio State in early May. Michigan is in its third year as a Division 1 Lacrosse Program. Fairfield and Michigan have only played once in 2013. The Stags won under the lights by a 10-8 score. Michigan will join the newly formed Big 10 Lacrosse League in the 2015 season.
Michigan started the 2014 season playing at then #9 ranked Penn State. The Wolverines lost the game by a 22-7 score. Mercer played the first home game against Michigan. Michigan took its home opener 20-7. They next traveled to Detroit winning a 14-13 OT game. Staying on the road, Michigan went to Baltimore and played #8 Johns Hopkins. The Blue Jays topped Michigan with the final score of 14-5. Cornell went to Ann Arbor being then ranked #15 in the country. The Big Red avoided being upset with Michigan taking them to OT. Cornell won the shootout 15-14. The Wolverines then went to High Point and were beaten 9-7. Staying in the south, Michigan took on Furman, a first year program. The Wolverines took the contest with 11-9 being the final score. Staying on the road, Michigan opened its ECAC Lacrosse League season with an 11-10 OT victory over Bellarmine. Maryland visited Michigan ranked as the #1 team in the country. The Terrapins, who will join the Big Ten in 2015, beat Michigan by a 13-5 final score. St. Josephs from Philadelphia made the trip to Michigan. St. Joes took the game by a 15-6 score. Last Saturday, Michigan visited the Air Force Academy for an ECAC Lacrosse League game. The Air Force started the game with a 3-0 lead and was up by 5 goals in the first period before Michigan cut the score to 6-2 at the end of the first 15 minutes. In the second quarter, Michigan made a run of three goals cutting the Air Force lead to 6-5. Falcons countered with a three goal run to make it a 9-5 game at halftime. The Falcons pushed the lead to 13-7 at the conclusion of three periods. The score was 14-9 in the fourth quarter when the Wolverines scored three goals to cut the Falcons lead to 14-12 with 28 seconds left in the game. Air Force scored the final goal of the day to make the final score 15-12. Mike Crampton and Kyle Jackson both had three goals to pace the Wolverines against Air Force.
After eleven games, the Wolverines have averaged 10.18 goals per game and the opponents have also averaged 12.91.00 goals per game. Michigan has scored 112 goals this year while taking 436 shots for a .257 shot percentage. The opposition has scored 142 goals after taking 444 shots for a .320 shot percentage. The Wolverines have scored 57 goals with an assist and the opposition scored 79 goals via an assist. Michigan is credited with 55 unassisted goals and their opponents have 63 unassisted goals. The Wolverines man up team has put the ball in the back of the cage 17 times out of 49 chances for a .346 conversion rate. The opposition’s man up unit has countered with 13 goals out of 44 attempts for a .295 conversion rate. Michigan and one opponent have each scored a man down goal in 2014.
Michigan scooped up 355 ground ball and their opponents have gotten 334 ground balls. The Wolverines and their opponents have 163 turnovers. The Wolverine defense has 82 caused turnovers and their opposition has 94 caused turnovers. Michigan’s face off unit has 150 wins out of 289 chances for a .518 win percentage. The opponents have 139 wins out of the 289 face offs for a .481 face off percentage. On clears, the Wolverines have been successful 192 times out of 217 chances for a .885 clear percentage. Their opponents have cleared the ball 192 out of 227 tries for a .846 clear percentage. The Wolverines have been flagged 44 times for 38:00 minutes of penalty time. Their opposition has received 49 penalties for 41.30 minutes.
The Wolverines have scored 29 goals in the second quarter this season. Michigan’s offense has scored 28 goals in the third and fourth quarters. In the first quarter, the Wolverines have tallied 25 goals. The opposition has countered with 39 goals in the second quarter and 38 goals in the third quarter. Opponents hit the back of the nets 37 times in the first quarter and 27 goals in the fourth quarter. Michigan has taken 125 shots in the fourth quarter in 2014 and 113 shots in the second quarter. The Wolverines have 96 shots in both the first quarter and third stanza. Their opponents’ best quarter for shots is the third quarter with 120 shots. The opposition has fired off 110 shots in the fourth quarter and 105 in the second quarter. The lowest amount of shots taken is 104 shots in the first quarter.
Michigan’s leading scorer is #10 Ian King who has 23 goals this season and 1 assist for 24 points. Next on the scoring list are #47 Kyle Jackson whose 20 points are made up of sixteen goals and four assists and #11 Thomas Papas with eleven goals and nine assists for his 20 points. David McCormick has scored eleven goals and six assists for 17 points. Dan Kinek has twelve points made up of four goals and eight assists. Mike Francia has tallied five goals and six assists for eleven points. Both David Joseph and Doug Bryant have 10 points. Mike Hernandez has tallied nine points. Andrew Portnoy and Peter Cross have chipped in with seven points. Mikie Schlosster has six points this season and Riley Kennedy has compiled five points. Two Michigan players have two points this season while nine other Wolverine players have scored one point in 2014. The Wolverines have used two players at the FOGO . The leading FOGO is #21 Brad Lott who has won 118 of 202 in draws for a .584 winning percentage. Also taking face offs has been # 20 Will Biagi who has won 22 draws of the 51 taken for a .431 winning percentage. Robbie Zonino has played 640 plus minutes plus between the pipes for the Wolverines this season and started all eleven games. He has allowed 135 goals for a 12.64 goals against average. Zonino has been credited with 106 saves for a .440 save percentage. Mike D’Alessio relieved Zonino in one game this season. He has played 25 plus minutes. D’Alessio has allowed seven goals for a 16.46 goals against average. He is being credited with one saves and .125 save percentage.
Fairfield is averaging 12.20 goals per game in the 2014 season while holding the opposition to 8.20 goals per game. The Stags have scored 122 goals in its ten games out of 306 shots for a .399 shot percentage. The opponents scored 82 goals out of 346 shots for a .237 shot percentage. Sixty two of the Stags goals came via an assist while the opponents scored forty five assisted goals. Fairfield has 60 unassisted goals and the opposition has scored 37 unassisted goals. Fairfield has scored fourteen times out of 32 man up chances for a .438 conversion rate. Fairfield’s man down defense has allowed only eight extra man goal this season out of thirty four chances for a .235 conversion rate.
Fairfield has scooped up 275 ground balls in 2014 and the opposition has captured 295 ground balls. The Stags have turned the ball over 130 times and the opponents had 141 turnovers. Fairfield has 74 caused turnovers while the Stags’ opponents have been credited with 67 caused turnovers. In the face off game, the Stags won 101 times out of 238 chances for .424 winning percentage. The opposition are 137 of 238 face offs for a .576 winning percentage. The Stags have successfully cleared 173 times out of 192 chances for a .901 clear percentage this season. The opponents cleared 133 times successfully out of 150 chances for a .887 clear percentage. Officials flagged the Stags 35 times in the ten games for 30.00 minutes and the opponents received 32 penalties for 29.30 minutes of penalty time.
Fairfield has scored thirty three times in the fourth quarter. The Stags scored thirty times in the second and third quarters. Fairfield has hit the back of the net 28 times in the first period. The team also has the one OT goal. The opponents scored 23 goals in the second quarter and 22 goals in the third stanza. Twenty goals have been scored in the first period and 17 goals in the fourth quarter by the opposition. The fourth quarter has seen the Stags taking 92 shots, 74 shots in the second quarter, 71 times in the third quarter and 68 shots in the first quarter. Fairfield has taken one big shot in OT. Stags’ opponents have 90 shots in the fourth quarter, 85 in the first and second quarters, 84 shots in third quarter and two in the OT period.
Tristian Sperry leads the team in scoring with 33 points, 18 goals and 15 assists. Eric Warden leads the team in goals with 25 and he has two assists for 27 points. Colin McLinden now is second on the team for points scored. He has 32 points with 11 goals and 21 assists. TJ Neubauer has 23 points in the 2014 season. Neubauer has twenty one goals and two assists. Dave Fleming has fifth teen goals and four assists for 19 points. Jake Knostman and Drew Federico both have 13 points. Knostman has nine goals and five assist Federico has ten goals and three assists. Conor Dalton has scored seven goals and one assist in 2014 while Mikey Gulasey has scored three goals and two assists for five points. Alex Cramer has two goals and two assists in the 2014 campaign. Nick Guida and Nico Panepinto have three points, Guida with one goal and two assists and Panepinto has three assists. Jack Murphy played 586 plus minutes in the ten games played. Seventy eight goals have been scored against him for a 7.98 goals against average. He has been credited with 99 saves for a .559 save percentage. Tyler Behring played 16 plus minutes in the nets in relief of Murphy. The relief appearances have come in three games. Four goals have been scored against him for a 14.80 goals against average and credited with one save for a .200 save percentage.
The Wolverines have lost their last three games. Michigan is being noted for recruiting lot of good athletes. Fairfield had to work until the fourth quarter last year to beat Michigan last season. Good face off numbers for the Wolverine FOGOs. I am most impressed with their loss to Cornell. The Big Red is ranked currently #2 in the national post. The Wolverines lost in OT to Cornell and scored 14 goals. They also hung tough against the then ranked #1 Maryland. They will be playing in front of a large crowd left over from the spring football game. This will be a dangerous hungry team playing in the Big House. Michigan should not be taken lightly. Wolverines would love to know off a Nationally ranked team and a fellow ECAC Lacrosse League member. Please note that the game has been rescheduled to start at 5:00 PM. A couple of Fairfield notes-Junior Colin McLinden now has 59 career assists and is now sixth on the Fairfield career list. Senior Eric Warden has scored a goal in the last eleven games in the 2013 and 2014 season.
Big 10 Network is not televising lacrosse in 2014. In 2010, the Big 10 Network carried the Fairfield win over Ohio State at their football stadium before the spring football game.
For the Michigan game, there is a charge for the video feed. To view the game live, here is the link:


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GO STAGS!! Roger Yergeau ’73

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