Welcome to Stag Tracks

Welcome to Stag Tracks.  This is the first post of the new blog of Fairfield University Athletics.  Through this blog we will try to give you a first-person perspective on what it is like to be a Stag.

You may be asking, “What can I expect?”  Well, that answer could get pretty long winded, but lets try and keep it short.  Basically, Stag Tracks will be written by student-athletes, coaches and administrators from within the Department of Athletics.  The aim will be to tell the stories that are not news releases and game stories, but the stories about what we are doing and what it means to be a Stag.

You can expect to see student-athletes talking about travel, classes, community service, and all that it takes to be a Division I athlete.  You can expect to see coaches talking about accomplishments of the program, their players, and the nitty-gritty of coaching at this level.  And you can expect to hear from administrators, talking about issues that face the department, our teams, the NCAA and our fans.  All in all, we aim to give you some more information about being Fairfield Athletics.

We hope that you enjoy reading these accounts, and hope that you visit often.