Announcing Theatre Fairfield’s 2012-2013 Season!!

Hey everyone!! Happy Friday!!

We have some very BIG news today, as the show choices for Theatre Fairfield’s 2012-2013 Season have been announced!!

FIRST: The first show of our next season will be AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE by Henrik Ibsen. Slated for Oct 2012, this production will coincide with the campus wide theme of “cities.” Following the story of Dr. Thomas Stockmann, who discovers that the water supply of his home town has been poisoned, this play explores the tendencies of a community, and the sometimes hypocritical and corrupt actions of the political system. Besides being the first endeavor of Theatre Fairfield at tackling an Ibsen piece, our play will occur right before the election in Nov, making the themes of the play extremely relevant to our current times, like something right off the front page headlines.

THEN: In the coming fall semester, the Theatre department will be offering their DIRECTING class! A major project that goes along with this course is called DIRECTOR’S CUT! Students enrolled in the directing class have the assignment of selecting, casting, and directing a one-act piece. These one-acts will be strung together into a single production and presented to the University community in Nov or Dec.

AND THEN: In the spring of 2013, Theatre Fairfield is proud to present THE ARABIAN NIGHTS by Mary Zimmerman. The play features a ensemble cast which tackles various roles to tell the stories of Scheherazade. As the famed story goes, Scheherazade who had betrayed her husband, was to die once she has finished her story and for one thousand and one nights she continued to tell stories with a cliffhanger, saving her life for another day. From these stories we find some of the most famous folklore and legends of the Arabic culture, such as the “40 Thieves” and “Aladdin.” The Arabian Nights strings together several of these stories into one magical night of theatre.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: The Theatre Department will be offering a new course next semester called “Performance Workshop.” Taking the On The Spot time slot, this course will feature training for Musical Theatre, and Vocal Performance. This course will also feature workshops in other areas of acting and performance, perhaps such as Stage Combat, Clowning, Movement, Improv, Dance, etc. This course will give students the ability to train for upcoming productions at Theatre Fairfield and better explore the scope of the performance realm, offering the opportunity to gain experience in a wide array of skills and styles. All this training will accumulate to performances throughout the semester! You need not be cast in any of the TF shows, nor be a theatre major or minor, but rather just be someone who likes to have fun and gain performance experience. More information to come ASAP!

Well that’s it! That’s what’s coming up!! Very exciting things!!! 



If you have any questions, let me know! Feel free to e-mail me at

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