On The Spot Improv Performances!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Here comes the weekend!! :)

Just a reminder that starting TONIGHT, ON THE SPOT will be performing!! Fairfield University’s resident improv troupe is takin’ to the stage! Starting on tonight March 23 @7 and 9:30pm and then again on tomorrow Sat. March 24 @7 and 9:30pm, Live at the PepsiCo Theatre they will bring you all an evening of hilarious comedy and emotional twists and turns, all of which are completely made up… on the spot. Yup. The ON THE SPOT company features the talents of Alicia Bissonnnette ’12, Mike Elwell ’13, Casey Grambo ’12, Michael Maio ’13, Andrew Nealis ’14, Pam Perrimon ’12, and Gabi Tozzi ’13, and is directed by Jeff Stanley! First, taking a suggestion(s) from the audience to start the show, the troupe then continues with a comedy improv performance where anything can happen, and almost everything is possible. The tickets are $5 at the door, so come on out and support the troupe, and watch a fabulous evening of improv! Don’t miss out!

Next… we have a message from our very own, amazing, Pam Perrimon!!
Here it is … Saturday from 12-1 for women, 1-2 for men in the Pepsico main space there will be playing a 10-20 minute clip of Akropolis followed by a quick survey and a focus group discussion. Volunteers must agree to have their heart rate and blood pressure taken, this will happen only 2-3 times and is non evasive. ¬†Ideally I would love to have 10-15 participants for each workshop! Please contact me by email to let me know you are coming. If you wish to remain anonymous this is no problem! There will be refreshments!!

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