You Know You’re A Theatre Major When…

When… your homework includes aging yourself with make-up. This week the assignment for the Make-Up and Costume Construction course was all about AGE. Late nights were had in front of mirrors, pictures flooded Facebook, as we prepared for the moment that they would have one class period to complete and present how we might look when we reach age 70. (And isn’t that a scary thought…)

Michael Maio '13 & Maggie Greene '15

The project dealt with examining the face, and starting to work with shadow and highlight, especially in finding the balance between the two. We focused on creating bags under our eyes, making sure they didn’t read as bruises and black-eyes, examining the areas where we might one day have those dreaded crows-feet, sagged the cheeks, highlighted the bone, and added those defining wrinkles.

Casey Grambo '12

More projects and photos to come! Stay tuned…

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