TF Performance Workshop!!

Hey everybody out there in the TF world!!

Just wanted to take a quick second of your time to tell you about an amazing new opportunity coming in the Fall ’12 semester. Have you heard of the TF Performance Workshop? Well, if you haven’t here’s your chance to learn all about it!

TF Performance Workshop is a new course offering to provide Fairfield University students with more performance experience and opportunities. The course will help students learn about different types of performance without taking a semester long course on just one thing. First semester will focus a lot of emphasis on movement based aspects of theatre (things like clowning, stage combat, contact improv, and Tai Chi). Second semester there will be a whole new set of workshops to delve into. Also, in February, the students who are taking the class will have the opportunity to show what they have learned in the TF Showcase. This TF Showcase will be a performance the students will work towards creating all semester long.

We have incredible instructors on tap for our first semester of TF Performance Workshop. The fabulous Jeff Stanley will be teaching clowning and contact improv! And David Chandler, whom was with us to do the amazing fight choreography for our recent production of Romeo & Juliet, will also return to teach us stage combat and Tai Chi!

Keep in mind that this is to be treated like any other class. It is a one credit course and a practicum paper will be assigned towards the end of the semester. Only one absence will be allowed if you choose to register. THIS IS A CLASS YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!

So… what’s the next step? Go onto stagweb and REGISTER. It is TA 94C and the CRN is 34786. Or get in touch with Dr. L, or any of us if you have any questions!! Seriously do it!!

See you in the fall!!


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