Concerned Citizens! Real Life “Ibsen” Drama in Fairfield, CT

Are Ibsen’s words still relevant in today’s society? Here’s a group that would say… YES!

This past Monday, Oct. 15, the Downtown Fairfield Bookstore hosted an event called Concerned Citizens: Fighting City Hall. This great panel discussion talked about all the environmental issues facing Fairfield, CT, and about the fight going on with the local politicians.

The incredible similarities between Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People and the real life happenings of the Fairfield community were amazing. The Mill River Project, and the Metro Train Station Project, as such hot-button issues in town right now, that Theatre Fairfield’s production could not come at a better time. There was a great turn out of really dedicated and interested citizens, students, and faculty, that helped make this event not only successful, but extremely thought provoking. The panel talked about specifics in town, their plans for the future, how they hope to raise awareness throughout the community, and talked about the mirrored situation found in Ibsen’s classic. Here’s some pictures of the panel discussion!

Also, make sure you check out the article in the Fairfield Citizen!!


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