Director’s Cut In Rehearsal! (Part I)

Theatre majors and minors have grown accustomed to living in the PepsiCo Theatre, and once again the humble playhouse is flourishing with creative life as nine companies cram into every nook and cranny to rehearse for the upcoming production of Director’s Cut.  Each company is directed by a student enrolled in the directing class taught by Dr.  LoMonaco.  The students are in charge of every aspect of their show including choosing the show itself, casting it, set and costume design, and the rehearsal process.

Nineteen actors were cast in the shows (whose sizes range from two to three actors), which are each roughly ten minutes in length.  Though the plays are short, the directors are required to lead twenty-five hours of rehearsal.  This means that starting from the first read through last week to opening night, students will flood the PepsiCo to work to create an educational and entertaining final project.

Director’s Cut runs December 6th, 8th, and 9th at the PepsiCo.  The shows featured include:

“Surrender”  -Directed by LeighAnn Albanese

Mary: Christina Dunne

Louise: Molly Gregory

David: John Rosito

The company of "Surrender" in rehearsal

“The Turnover” -Directed by Owen Corey

Vinnie: Ryan Champlin

Mary: Lizzie Bateson

Ryan Champlin and Lizzie Bateson in rehearsal

“Rush to Judgment”  -Directed by Grace Janiszewski

Erin: Mary Corigliano

Ruth: Maria Mazzaro

Actresses Maria Mazzo and Mary Corigliano taking direction

“Layla Misérables” -Directed by Joe Plouffe

Norman: Franco Luzzi

Mathilde/Jennifer Anne/Sales Clerk/Chavert: Katie Premus

Director Joe Plouffe and the actors of "Layla Miserables"

“Undress Me, Clarence” -Directed by Ashley Ruggiero

He: Patrick Phillips

She: Tori Schuchmann

Director Ashley Ruggiero watches her actors in rehearsal

“The Blocking Maneuver” –Directed by Lauren Sippin

Drilling: Brendan Freeman

Gretch: Julia Haltof

Brendan Freeman and Julia Haltof rehearse "The Blocking Maneuver"

Look out for future posts about Director’s Cut, including rehearsals of “Covers,” “The Competent Heart,” and “Contact.”

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