Director’s Cut in Rehearsal! (Part II)

With opening night only days away, directors continue to fight for space in the PepsiCo to cram in some final rehearsals.  Thursday will be the culmination of a semester’s worth of class work and weeks of rehearsal for the nine directors.  The joint rehearsal last Tuesday gave a glimpse of what the finished products will they like, and each show will only get better by Thursday’s curtain!

Here are some shots taken during rehearsals this past week.

“Covers” –Directed by Michael Maio

Tonya: Shannon Galgay

Paulette: Maggie Greene

Shannon Galgay and Maggie Greene in rehearsal for "Covers"

“Contact” –Directed by Josh Matteo

He: Austin Begin

The Voice: Kelly Pierce

Austin Begin rehearses for Josh Matteo's play, "Contact"

“The Competent Heart” –Directed by Adam Powers

Chris: Austin Begin

Terry: Kelan McDonnell

Kelan McDonnell and Austin Begin rehearse "The Competent Heart"

Be sure to see Director’s Cut Thursday December 6th and Saturday December 8th at 8:00 PM and Sunday December 9th at 2:00 PM.

–Thanks to Grace Janiszewski for some great pics!

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