Theatre, Film, & Music, Fairfield Students Release Episode of Stag

Fairfield students came together under the direction of freshman Alex Mongillo ’16, who has created a new musical web-series, Fairfield U’s very own STAG. Below you’ll find the link for the first episode of the first season! Our pilot episode, if you will.

The cast is made entirely of students, from the theatre, film, and music departments!

The story follows a freshman student, Caleb (played by Ryan Champlin ’16), who is trying to find his place on campus. He wants to audition for an exclusive singing group called STAG, and befriends one of their members, in hopes that this group will let him audition and that he will finally find a place where he belongs, doing something he loves.

Click on the link below and check out the episode, more to come:

Stag: Season One, Episode One


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