The Tragedy of King Arthur Rocks NYC!

The Guerrilla Shakespeare Company and playwright/ author Arthur Phillips have teamed up for a new production called The Tragedy of King Arthur by William Shakespeare. And guess what?!?

Two Theatre Fairfield faculty members are involved!!

That’s right! Our very own Tom Schwans and Lynne Porter!

Tom Schwans, who has directed TF’s productions of Almost, Maine (2010) and Enemy of the PeopleĀ (2012), as well as teaching acting on campus, is also (I guess in his free time…) one of the founding members of the NYC based theatre company Guerrilla Shakespeare. Their mission is: “With passion born of rebellion we seek out the heart of the matter, battling against complacency in ourselves, our audience, and the American theatre. We struggle always for a passionate simplicity, for a visceral connection between actor and audience; only through this connection is great theatre possible. This is our cause. This is the revolution. This is Guerrilla Shakespeare.”

Tom is part of the production staff and company (playing a most hysterical professor among other roles in Arthur) that has brought this new play to life. NYTheatre said that “Guerrilla Shakespeare and Arthur Phillips have acheived the unthinkable…”

Lynne Porter, our very own design professor, and resident Scenic Designer, has designed the set for this production of Arthur. What Lynne has created is the fascinating jungle gym of Arthur Phillips mind.

A group of Fairfield students had the opportunity to venture into the city and see the production of Arthur, and we here at TF couldn’t be prouder of Tom and Lynne!!

One student said, “The acting was superb, each character was rich and alive and unique. The physicality and acting choices made by this company of artists were perfect and helped bring Arthur’s story to life. PS… Tom was hysterical!”

Another student commented on the set saying, “Lynne’s attention to detail is incredible, from the articles and clippings on the walls, to the use of chairs and levels, and especially how everything she designed was climbable!”

Arthur tells the story of a son who receives a lost Shakespearean play from his late father, and suddenly not only does the story of King Arthur come to life, but the parallels to his own childhood come back to haunt him. Arthur continues its run this week, April 3rd- 7th. Check out Guerrilla’s website: for more info and don’t miss out on this production!!

Check out some pictures below of the production (and Tom) and our students opening night with Lynne!

c94149db-6e0a-4711-8bb2-ce9ade59eea9_zpsc06a3214Tom Schwans (center) and the company of Arthur

image(2)Lynne Porter and students, Brendan Freeman ’15, Michael Maio ’13, and Maggie Greene ’15

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