Tickets Now on Sale!! Arabian Nights!

Hey everyone out there in the TF universe!

Tickets are now on sale for the final production of Theatre Fairfield’s 2012-2013 season, Arabian Nights!

Here’s all the info you might need to know!

Theatre Fairfield Closes Their 2012-2013 Season

Arabian Nights

April 24- April 28, 2013

Fairfield University’s Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts


FAIRFIELD, CONN. (April, 2013) Theatre Fairfield, Fairfield University’s resident production company, closes their 2012-2013 season with a production of Mary Zimmerman’s Arabian Nights. The performances run April 24 through the 28 at the Quick Center for the Arts.A fifteen-member cast enacts Scheherazade’s epic tales of love, lust, comedy, and dreams. Scheherazade’s intriguing storytelling prevent her husband, the cruel ruler Shahryar, from murdering her. But will her tales be enough to ultimately change him? This adaptation offers a wonderful blend of the lesser-known tales from Arabian Nights with the recurring theme of how the magic of storytelling holds the power to change people. With a perfect blend of traditional and modern flair,this production strives to leave the audience in awe of the power of stories, and yet question the changing world around us, and consider the strength found within words.


Arabian Nights is directed by guest artist Jesse Jou, who returns to Theatre Fairfield after directing A Brief History of America for the Theatre in the Raw Festival. The cast consists of Joe Plouffe ’13 (Shahryar), Maggie Greene ’15 (Scheherazade), Michael Maio ’13 (Harun Al- Rashid), Molly Gregory ’16, Katie Gillette ’15, Brianna Engelke ’16, Katie Premus ’15, Veronique Poutre ’16, Kelan McDonnell ’15, TJ Franco ’15, Josh Matteo ’16, Alec Bandzes ’15, Ryan Champlin ’16, Brendan Freeman ’15, and Nick Solimini ’16.

Guest Director Jesse Jou says that, “The Arabian Nights really celebrates imagination and storytelling. I think our show is very funny, ribald, and moving, while exploring complex aspects of what it means to be human, such as the redemptive power of love, how to live in the world, and what it means to be a good leader, among many other issues. One of my favorite aspects of this process has been the opportunity to work with the students of Fairfield University’s Muslim Student Association, who have been such warm and thoughtful advisors on the project. I hope the audience will think about western representations of middle eastern cultures and Islam, while still having a rip-roaring good time. Maybe we’ll help broaden perspectives. I think doing so really enhances our appreciation of these beautiful stories.”


The design team for Arabian Nights features scenic design by Chein Yu Peng, lighting design by Lynne Chase, costume design by Julie Leavitt, and sound/ music design by Chad Raines. The show is stage managed by Emily Skudrzyk ‘14 and Logan Pratt ’15, with Mary Corigliano ‘14 serving as one of the production’s assistant stage managers and dramaturg.


Performances run April 24 through April 28 at 8 p.m., and April 27 and 28 at 2 p.m. at the Wein Black Box Theatre in the Quick Center for the Arts. Post-show talkbacks will follow the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening performances. Tickets went on April 2, 2013. Tickets are $12 general admission, $6 seniors and University staff, and $5 students. Performances take place in the Wein Black Box Experimental Theatre, in Fairfield University’s Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts. For information, call the Quick Center Box Office at: (203) 254-4010 or toll free at 1-877-ARTS-396.


The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts is located on the campus of Fairfield University at 1073 North Benson Road in Fairfield, Connecticut. Entrance to the Quick Center is through the Barlow Road gate at 200 Barlow Road. Free, secure parking is available. Access for people with disabilities is available throughout the Quick Center for audience members and performers. Hearing amplification devices are available upon request at the Box Office. Fairfield University is located off exit 22 of Interstate-95. Forfurther information and directions, call (203) 254-4010 or 1-877-278-7396, or


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The Tragedy of King Arthur Rocks NYC!

The Guerrilla Shakespeare Company and playwright/ author Arthur Phillips have teamed up for a new production called The Tragedy of King Arthur by William Shakespeare. And guess what?!?

Two Theatre Fairfield faculty members are involved!!

That’s right! Our very own Tom Schwans and Lynne Porter!

Tom Schwans, who has directed TF’s productions of Almost, Maine (2010) and Enemy of the People (2012), as well as teaching acting on campus, is also (I guess in his free time…) one of the founding members of the NYC based theatre company Guerrilla Shakespeare. Their mission is: “With passion born of rebellion we seek out the heart of the matter, battling against complacency in ourselves, our audience, and the American theatre. We struggle always for a passionate simplicity, for a visceral connection between actor and audience; only through this connection is great theatre possible. This is our cause. This is the revolution. This is Guerrilla Shakespeare.”

Tom is part of the production staff and company (playing a most hysterical professor among other roles in Arthur) that has brought this new play to life. NYTheatre said that “Guerrilla Shakespeare and Arthur Phillips have acheived the unthinkable…”

Lynne Porter, our very own design professor, and resident Scenic Designer, has designed the set for this production of Arthur. What Lynne has created is the fascinating jungle gym of Arthur Phillips mind.

A group of Fairfield students had the opportunity to venture into the city and see the production of Arthur, and we here at TF couldn’t be prouder of Tom and Lynne!!

One student said, “The acting was superb, each character was rich and alive and unique. The physicality and acting choices made by this company of artists were perfect and helped bring Arthur’s story to life. PS… Tom was hysterical!”

Another student commented on the set saying, “Lynne’s attention to detail is incredible, from the articles and clippings on the walls, to the use of chairs and levels, and especially how everything she designed was climbable!”

Arthur tells the story of a son who receives a lost Shakespearean play from his late father, and suddenly not only does the story of King Arthur come to life, but the parallels to his own childhood come back to haunt him. Arthur continues its run this week, April 3rd- 7th. Check out Guerrilla’s website: for more info and don’t miss out on this production!!

Check out some pictures below of the production (and Tom) and our students opening night with Lynne!

c94149db-6e0a-4711-8bb2-ce9ade59eea9_zpsc06a3214Tom Schwans (center) and the company of Arthur

image(2)Lynne Porter and students, Brendan Freeman ’15, Michael Maio ’13, and Maggie Greene ’15

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TF Abroad: London and Edinburgh

Oh, the places you’ll go! Reports keep flying in of the incredible adventures our TF family is having abroad! From hanging out around the foggy streets of London, to venturing to Platform 9 3/4, or to taking a trip to Scotland and visiting Edinburgh! Our TF family is always on the move and we have some more exclusive pictures! Check ‘em out!

Photos featuring: Ashley Ruggiero ’14 and Grace Janiszewski ’14!

d5156d6b-8fb0-45cd-b243-044b41515118_zpsbd885b30 f961f0c5-3f0d-4521-97c9-60355cda3682_zps3a9ece8a aa25f7f8-0cc2-41c3-ba2d-6369be33e24b_zps62bba4ab

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TF Abroad: Ireland

Some of the students in our TF Family are spending their junior year abroad! For Spring Break they all met up in Ireland and sent us an exclusive picture of the amazing adventures they have been having!

Check out our first update of “TF ABROAD”, and here’s to many more to come!!

Students @ the Cliffs of Moher!!


Featured: Ashley Ruggiero ’14, Grace Janiszewski ’14, Shannon Galgay ’14, & Owen Corey ’14

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Theatre, Film, & Music, Fairfield Students Release Episode of Stag

Fairfield students came together under the direction of freshman Alex Mongillo ’16, who has created a new musical web-series, Fairfield U’s very own STAG. Below you’ll find the link for the first episode of the first season! Our pilot episode, if you will.

The cast is made entirely of students, from the theatre, film, and music departments!

The story follows a freshman student, Caleb (played by Ryan Champlin ’16), who is trying to find his place on campus. He wants to audition for an exclusive singing group called STAG, and befriends one of their members, in hopes that this group will let him audition and that he will finally find a place where he belongs, doing something he loves.

Click on the link below and check out the episode, more to come:

Stag: Season One, Episode One


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Playwright Workshop with Alumnus this Sunday!!

Are you interested in learning more about play-writing? This Sunday come down to the PepsiCo Theatre for the chance to work with the Diva and Distinguished TF Grad herself – Kerry Davies! Because the class on playwriting wasn’t offered this year  at Fairfield this is a great opportunity to expand your theatre education. It’ll be a GT (Good Time for those of you not up on your slang) and a chance to work with a young playwright!

Kerry asks that you bring 3 things that inspire you and she said that you could even wear pajamas to the event. Also bring a notebook, journal, or computer… something to write on or with!! Come prepared!!

The workshop will run 3:30pm til approximately 6pm! Don’t miss out!!!


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