“Drive” -Rehearsal Photos

Rehearsals are underway for Theatre Fairfield’s latest production of Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive. Sponsored by The Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation, Drive, is the TF’s student driven Independent Project this season.  Check out these photos of the rehearsal as this dedicated group of students prepares for opening night! How I Learned to Drive opens January 25th @ 8pm at the PepsiCo Theatre and runs through the 27th!! Tickets go on sale soon!!

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In the Works: How I Learned to Drive


Though it’s still winter break, things are already getting back into swing at the PepsiCo.  Yesterday, a group of eight students returned to campus two weeks early to put on this year’s Independent Project.  Every January, Theatre Fairfield gives students the opportunity to stage a show completely by themselves, and this year they have chosen to put on How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel.

The show was chosen by senior theatre major Michael Maio who also is directing.  Students are in charge of every aspect of producing the show, and How I Learned to Drive features costume design by Michael Maio (’13), set and lighting design by Joe Plouffe (’13), props management by Ryan Champlin (’16), and stage management by Kelan McDonnell (’15) and Mary Corigliano (’14). The cast also includes TF students and features Maggie Greene (’15) in the leading role of Li’l Bit and Joe Plouffe as Uncle Peck.  Katie Premus (’15) plays the Teenage Greek Chorus, Brendan Freeman (’15) plays the Male Greek Chorus, and special guest actress Elise Bochinski takes the role of Female Greek Chorus.

The Independent Project is a valuable opportunity for theatre students to learn the ins and outs of putting on a play under “real world” circumstances.  The company will labour tirelessly over the next three weeks to put together a show that is completely their own.

How I Learned to Drive runs January 25th and 26th at 8:00 PM and January 26th and 27th at 2:00 PM.   Tickets are $5.00 for students, $7.00 for general admission and can be purchased at the Quick Center Box office or by calling 1-877-278-7396.  The Independent Project is funded through the generous support of the Jamie A. Hulley Foundation.

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TF Showcase: This Friday!

This Friday, Theatre Fairfield is proud to present TF Showcase.  This FREE event showcases the hard work done by the members of the Performance Workshop Class which focused on clowning, improv, stage combat and more!  Audience members will get to see a little bit of all the techniques practiced this semester from games and fight sequences to laughter and comedic mayhem.  If you like Hamlet, The Exorcist, Chicago, and The Nutcracker, you’ll enjoy Showcase.  This is one roller coaster of emotions that you don’t want to miss!

TF Showcase plays this Friday, December 14th and THIS FRIDAY ONLY at the PepsiCo Theatre at 8:00 PMAdmission is FREE!  So bring your friends and be ready to laugh, cry, and have an enjoyable evening!

Showcase’s cast consists of the following students:

  • LeighAnn Albanese ’14
  • Alec Bandzes ’15
  • Christina Barry ’15
  • Ryan Champlin ’16
  • Owen Corey ’14
  • Brendan Freeman ’15
  • Shannon Galgay ’14
  • Maggie Greene ’15
  • Grace Janizsewski ’14
  • Rachel Lang ’14
  • Michael Maio ’13
  • Kelan McDonnell ’15
  • Luke Paulino ’13
  • Joe Plouffe ’13
  • Katie Premus ’15
  • Ashley Ruggiero ’14
  • Emily S. ’14
  • Cristelle Sens-Castet ’15
  • Lauren Sippin ’13
  • Nick Solimini ’16

-Thanks Grace for the photos!

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Director’s Cut Opens TONIGHT!

Director’s Cut, the second major production of the Theatre Fairfield season, opens tonight at the PepsiCo Theatre on the Fairfield University campus.  After months of class work and weeks of rehearsal, Director’s Cut is ready to open, and you are all invited to come see it!

The show runs tonight and Saturday the 8th at 8:00 PM and Sunday the 9th at 2:00 PM.  One ticket gives you the chance to see not one, but nine stunningly directed ten-minute plays.  Tickets are $5.00 for students, $6.00 for faculty, and $12.00 for general admission.  They can be purchased at the door, or through the Quick Center box office.

Nine student directors and their casts have worked tirelessly over the past four weeks to put together an enjoyable evening filled with plays that will make you cry, laugh, and think.  This is a piece of theatre you don’t want to miss!  Take a look at these pictures from last night’s dress rehearsal (Thanks to Grace Janiszewski for taking these magnificent shots!):

"The Turnover"


"The Competent Heart"


"Undress Me, Clarence"

"Rush to Judgment"


"The Blocking Maneuver"

"Layla Misérables"

Hope to see you all there this weekend!

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Director’s Cut in Rehearsal! (Part II)

With opening night only days away, directors continue to fight for space in the PepsiCo to cram in some final rehearsals.  Thursday will be the culmination of a semester’s worth of class work and weeks of rehearsal for the nine directors.  The joint rehearsal last Tuesday gave a glimpse of what the finished products will they like, and each show will only get better by Thursday’s curtain!

Here are some shots taken during rehearsals this past week.

“Covers” –Directed by Michael Maio

Tonya: Shannon Galgay

Paulette: Maggie Greene

Shannon Galgay and Maggie Greene in rehearsal for "Covers"

“Contact” –Directed by Josh Matteo

He: Austin Begin

The Voice: Kelly Pierce

Austin Begin rehearses for Josh Matteo's play, "Contact"

“The Competent Heart” –Directed by Adam Powers

Chris: Austin Begin

Terry: Kelan McDonnell

Kelan McDonnell and Austin Begin rehearse "The Competent Heart"

Be sure to see Director’s Cut Thursday December 6th and Saturday December 8th at 8:00 PM and Sunday December 9th at 2:00 PM.

–Thanks to Grace Janiszewski for some great pics!

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Director’s Cut In Rehearsal! (Part I)

Theatre majors and minors have grown accustomed to living in the PepsiCo Theatre, and once again the humble playhouse is flourishing with creative life as nine companies cram into every nook and cranny to rehearse for the upcoming production of Director’s Cut.  Each company is directed by a student enrolled in the directing class taught by Dr.  LoMonaco.  The students are in charge of every aspect of their show including choosing the show itself, casting it, set and costume design, and the rehearsal process.

Nineteen actors were cast in the shows (whose sizes range from two to three actors), which are each roughly ten minutes in length.  Though the plays are short, the directors are required to lead twenty-five hours of rehearsal.  This means that starting from the first read through last week to opening night, students will flood the PepsiCo to work to create an educational and entertaining final project.

Director’s Cut runs December 6th, 8th, and 9th at the PepsiCo.  The shows featured include:

“Surrender”  -Directed by LeighAnn Albanese

Mary: Christina Dunne

Louise: Molly Gregory

David: John Rosito

The company of "Surrender" in rehearsal

“The Turnover” -Directed by Owen Corey

Vinnie: Ryan Champlin

Mary: Lizzie Bateson

Ryan Champlin and Lizzie Bateson in rehearsal

“Rush to Judgment”  -Directed by Grace Janiszewski

Erin: Mary Corigliano

Ruth: Maria Mazzaro

Actresses Maria Mazzo and Mary Corigliano taking direction

“Layla Misérables” -Directed by Joe Plouffe

Norman: Franco Luzzi

Mathilde/Jennifer Anne/Sales Clerk/Chavert: Katie Premus

Director Joe Plouffe and the actors of "Layla Miserables"

“Undress Me, Clarence” -Directed by Ashley Ruggiero

He: Patrick Phillips

She: Tori Schuchmann

Director Ashley Ruggiero watches her actors in rehearsal

“The Blocking Maneuver” –Directed by Lauren Sippin

Drilling: Brendan Freeman

Gretch: Julia Haltof

Brendan Freeman and Julia Haltof rehearse "The Blocking Maneuver"

Look out for future posts about Director’s Cut, including rehearsals of “Covers,” “The Competent Heart,” and “Contact.”

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