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Bellarmine Museum

Irish Deputy Consul General visits Irish Objects at Bellarmine Museum of Art

On April 8, Peter Ryan, Deputy Consul General  for Economic & Public Affairs at the Consulate General of Ireland, New York, visited the Bellarmine Museum of Art and viewed the Irish electrotypes, as part of a day also spent speaking in Economics and Irish Politics classes. In photo: Consul Ryan, Jim Fitzpatrick (Assistant Vice President of Administration and Student Affairs),  Madeline Minnerly (Student Affairs), Marice Rose (Art History ProgrIMG_2616am Director)

Plaster Cast Gift from Metropolitan Museum of Art

Benedetto da Maiano, Madonna and Child

Exciting News: Last week the Metropolitan Museum of Art notified us of their decision to convert the status of eight plaster casts from “loans” to “gifts.”  This tremendous development brings the total number of casts gifted to the University through the munificence of the MMA to 27.  We     are also fortune enough to hold a further 30 casts on long-term loan from Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as 16 casts – both gifts and loans – from private donors.

The eight casts in the current gift are of objects from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and are described below:

Five plaster casts of the Jamb Statues at Chartres Cathedral including a male and female prophet, the clustered pilasters below their feet, and the frieze scenes of the Passion above their heads, from the south bay of the west façade of Chartres Cathedral, 1145-1155

Nicola Pisano (active 1258-1278), The Crucifixion, plaster cast from the original marble panel of the Pulpit of the Siena Cathedral, 1265-68

Benedetto da Maiano (1442-1497), Madonna and Child, plaster cast from the original marble shrine of San Bartola, Church of Saint Augustine, San Gimignano, 1495 (Pictured here, is slated for installation in the inaugural exhibition of the Bellarmine Museum opening in October.)

Andrea della Robbia (1435-1525 or 1528), Annunciation, plaster cast from the original glazed terracotta in the Ospedale degli Innocenti, Florence, 1493

January – New Beginnings – Imagine the Bellarmine


We hope you like the new look of the blog. We are going to try to keep you up to date on all ART related happenings at Fairfield University, as well as select ART news from the world. As we get closer to the opening of the Bellarmine Museum in October there will be more and more museum news as well.  If you haven’t visited the Bellarmine Museum’s new website:

and become a fan of the museum on Facebook:

 please do that now!

New website for Kress Foundation

The Kress Foundation has created a stunning new website.

You can browse the entire collection geographically using a map of the United States, or by artist, or repository. If you click on Connecticut on the map you will see the Fairfield University collection, when you click on it you get a list of all of the Samuel H. Kress Collection of Italian Paintings at Fairfield University, and when you click on view you get to see a lovely, crisp thumbnail image of each of our paintings.

Attributed to a follower of Andrea di Giusto (Sienese Workshop, mid-15th century)

A Judgement Scene

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