Draft Domain and Social use guidelines

After a year’s worth  of research and review of other University policies and guidelines on use of domains and social media, in our April meeting this year we distributed the first draft of guidelines for domains and social media sites/use for the community.

View the latest draft document with some added language to broaden coverage to all types of social sites — not just FB.  As the landscape keeps expanding, we are actively seeking input and feedback from others.  Additionally, the Blog policy is available for users to read and keep on file.

Rama and I recently attended a communicators’ conference at Albertus Magnus (shout out to our former colleague Andrea for hosting!) and saw Kevin Morrow, Executive Director of Social Media, Syracuse University speak on the topic of managing social media spaces in academia.

The trend is towards a “federated” approach, which unifies messaging and keeps all players in contact with each other to maximize effect of the social communication channels.  He showed examples from many schools that are effectively using social to communicate to all their audiences.

This fall we have hopes of a “Social on Social” that can bring together our minds and our participants here with some colleagues in the field to keep fine tuning our use of social media to promote, inform, educate and fascinate!  Stay tuned.

This draft relies heavily upon the language of both Western Michigan University and the University of Kansas.  Upon review we will then revise to compile the final guidelines for Fairfield University and we are indebted to these two fine institutions in trailblazing on the topics of domains and social media.

We continue our research and if you want to see what some other universities say on the topic you can see Amanda Vandervort’s list of university social media policies.


Scott B

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