Change is good…?

Design is always tricky….everyone knows a bad suit when they see it on someone, but when they wear one themselves?  The Independent published back in March a great article on “Why do we get so angry when the websites we love update their look?”  It’s a straightforward look at general user reaction to many different site redesigns….and the reaction they get.  Some call it the “New Coke syndrome.”

User interface design expert Jacob Nielsen chimes in as well, describing how users familiarity with a site breeds comfort and the comfort level is disrupted by change.  This “mere exposure effect” creates a sense of loss when a familiar site changes.

As we prep our site for some new school season refreshes, we look to manage the “mere exposure effect” and continue to use input from experts like Nielsen and others to continually improve our site and its usefulness to our visitors.  Stay tuned!

Scott B.

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