Faculty Profile: James Mayzik, S.J.

Submitted by Web Communications on September 6, 2006

Searching is a lifelong pursuit. Searching makes you fully human.

James Mayzik, S.J.

Program: New Media/Film/TV/Radio

Title: Director, Ignatian Residential College
Director, Media Center

Hometown: Fairfield, CT

Why A Jesuit University Has A New Media Major

If you’re at a Jesuit school, you’re learning about yourself and discovering the unique gifts you have – but you’re also opening yourself up to the wider world, to a larger truth. To me, creative work is the best way to conduct that exploration.

Latest Project

I’ve got a bunch of projects going at once – a feature western shot in South Dakota, an upcoming feature set in World War II, a series of short documentary and narrative films – all written, produced, and edited with students. The Media Center gives us that range. It’s so multidimensional; it’s a working lab for projects that reach far beyond Fairfield.

Why Big Questions Don’t Need Answers

Since I was in college, the biggest questions for me have been: What’s the meaning of all of this? What’s the meaning of my life? Why are we here? Those questions are behind everything I do. They’re why I went into the Jesuits; they’re why I’m a film artist, a teacher, a priest, and the Director of the Ignatian Residential College. I’ll never answer them. But searching is a lifelong pursuit. Searching makes you fully human.

Why Small Films Mean So Much

You can go to roller coaster films, but once you get off the ride, it’s over. To me, small films – films about human lives, films about small moments – have the best chance of staying with you. Our culture tells us to stay on the surface, just listen to the noise and watch the action. But if you want to make good art and live a full life, you have to go deep.

Where He Stands

I want to be side by side with my students, exploring and discovering with them. In Jesuit education, that’s the teacher’s role: a companion. We search together.

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