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Submitted by Enerida Ademi '13 on October 2, 2009

“The purpose of the Russian Hour is to engage with students and the greater community in comparing the American experience to Russian life,” said Elena Sergeeva, who is here at Fairfield University as a Fulbright teaching assistant for Russian language courses. Hailing from Omsk, Russia, Sergeeva is taking several courses during her stay at Fairfield.

The Russian Hour, sponsored by viagra uk prescription charges. , is held weekly on Wednesdays, from 1-2 p.m. in CNS 207, and is open to the public who can join in at any time. The meetings consist of an hour talk about a specific subject that explores Russian life and culture. Ms. Sergeeva shows slides/pictures and video excerpts that illuminate various facets of the topic of the week.

On September 30, 2009, Elena Sergeeva discussed “preserving” the summer. She compared the “summer homes” in the American culture to the Russian “Dachas.”

“When we go to the dacha it is a different community, a completely different world. It’s like an escape from the city and everyday life,” said Seregeeva, smiling, as she shared her own experiences.

The Russian Hour is a very enjoyable 60 minutes, as people around the room share their experiences with Russian culture and American culture, comparing the two out loud as they share their personal stories. Interested members of the Fairfield University community can drop by any Wednesday afternoon, from 1-2, and experience the Russian Hour for themselves.

Fulbright Assistant Teacher Elena Sergeeva with students of Russian language and culture.

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