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Submitted by Genevieve Bleidner '13 on October 15, 2009

news_cas_kim_09On Tuesday, October 6, the Buy Cialis Online Pharmacy Online. welcomed Jin Hi Kim to Fairfield University for a lecture on her traditional Korean music and dance. Ms Kim is a highly respected musician from South Korea. She has visited over 150 universities and has given lectures on her craft for more than 20 years. She is a composer in-residence for the New Haven Symphony, and is known worldwide for her skills as a musician.

Kim’s music background includes the 29 years since she first came to the United States and her experience learning and mastering the “komungo,” which is a Korean fourth-century fretted board zither. She plays both traditional Korean music as well as cross-cultural compositions, and has been hosted around the globe as an honored musician and master of her craft.

The lecture, which ran from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. in the Library Multimedia Room, included:

  • A PowerPoint presentation of many traditional Korean instruments and performers
  • Enlightening demonstrations by Ms. Kim on several of her instruments
  • Open discussion with the audience about traditional Korean music and the importance of adding “spice” to a musical performance, much like the addition of spice to a dish of food

The audience was able to watch video clips of court musicians versus folk musicians, and the significance of time within the music was brought to the table for discussion. The lecture was informative and entertaining, and Fairfield University was fortunate to host such an honorable guest for the event.

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