The Shape of Space

Submitted by Enerida Ademi '13 on October 22, 2009

news_cas_shape_09“Is the universe truly infinite?” asked Dr. Jeffrey R. Weeks during the one-hour presentation entitled “The Shape of Space” at the Quick Center for the Arts on the evening of October 6, 2009.

The audience of students, faculty, and community members filled more than 75 percent of seats. For some students, it was a requirement for a math course; for others, attendance got them extra credit. The Class of 2013 was able to receive FYE credit for their FYE class requirements.

The “Shape of Space” was divided into two parts. The first half hour of the presentation Dr. Weeks presented, “Universes that are finite but with no boundaries,” shown on the projection screen. The idea of a “multi-connected universe” was revealed though interactive Torus games. The audience was able to engage in the games, playing Tic-Tac-Toe, pool, and Maze.

The second part of the presentation showed recent satellite data that provides clues to the true shape of the universe. Overall, “The Shape of Space” provided the audience with different perspectives on astronomy.

news_cas_shape2_09“I think presentations like this are important, because it is said that students do most of their learning outside of the classroom,” said Math 210 Professor Daniel J. Ryan, “You might find something engaging, and want to continue studying it.”

The flyer advertising “The Shape of Space” promised that “The only prerequisites for this talk are curiosity and imagination.” Judging from the buzz the talk created, that promise was delivered.

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