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Submitted by Enerida Ademi '13 on November 6, 2009

During Homecoming weekend, the University held many “Experiencing Fairfield” information sessions. One of them, “Living, Leading, and Believing Together: Student Leadership Development at Fairfield,” was held in Barone from 12-12:50 p.m.

Associate Director of University Activities, Fred J. Kuo, accompanied by 3 students: Lisbeth Reyes-Foundeur ’12, Mike Rubertone ’11, and Lis Monari ’10, led the session. The workshop revealed the importance of leadership at Fairfield – offering students enhanced communication and event planning skills that will help students succeed – through participation in the more than 80 student-run organizations and initiatives at Fairfield.

In order to enhance student involvement and leadership opportunities, the University has initiated two dean positions, Dean of Student Development, Dr. Deborah Cady Melzer, and Dean of Academic Engangement, Dr. Elizabeth Boquet.

“All educated advisors recommend establishing connections and getting involved,” said Founder ’12, who is a double-major in biology and pre-med. She began by talking about how she was motivated to become involved in RCC, where she was able to work closely with RA’s and AC’s to build a community within her residence building.

Mike Rubertone ’11, a communications major, revealed how enthusiastic he is about getting others involved. He began his freshman year as a baseball player, but after an injury became an Orientation Leader, a tour guide manager, a member of F.U.S.A., and involved with the radio station.

Lis Monari ’10 has been involved since her freshman year. She has been a part of L.E.A.D., the Freshman Experience, an Orientation Leader, went on a service trip to Kentucky, and is a building manager. She interviews applicants and, as she says, has “reaped the benefits.”

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