Succeeding in a Tough Job Market

Submitted by Enerida Ademi '13 on November 10, 2009
Students gather at the Dolan School of Business to learn how to break into a tough job market.

Students gather at the Dolan School of Business to learn how to break into a tough job market.

The Charles F. Dolan School of Business held the event, “Succeeding in a Tough Job Market” on Thursday, October 29 in the Dolan School of Business Dining Room from 5-6:30 p.m. This was an opportunity for students to meet and talk with Fairfield alumni who are now top business leaders.

The event was sponsored by the Dolan School of Business Advisory Council composed of 13 Fairfield alumni who are now in the business world. The event began with a welcome by Frank J. Caroll ’89, who is the Managing Director for Oaktree Capital Management LP.

After the opening remarks, students were separated into different rooms. Each group consisted of about 10 students and 3 advisors, encouraging productive discussions in a closer setting. Following the group onversations, everyone returned to the dining room where one student from each group shared what they thought was very important on succeeding in this tough job market.

“Careers are a journey, so start with the first step. You can’t start sooner. It is about meeting people and building a network,” said John R. O’Neill ’71, owner of Roni Deutch Tax Centers.

The first step given was for students to begin working and networking as soon as possible. The alumni stated that it is very useful to start working on a resume and planning. They referred students to Cathy Borgman, Fairfield’s Director of Career Planning.

The topics of questions ranged from interviews to resumes and thank you notes. The biggest concern students had was how to even land an interview. O’Neill stated that “competition is keen. Students should have a strong academic background. However, we are looking for activities, and a well-rounded person, not just grades.”

“Get started now and do as much as you can,” added Kevin Shea ’87, Vice President of Goldman Sachs. “You are not going to get a job by sitting in your dorm room. Integrated learning matters in business.”

Some of the many advice given to students were:

  • Get started early
  • Be honest with yourself and the company
  • Research background information of the company before an interview
  • Take advantage of the Fairfield network

“Every opportunity has a value in it,” commented John Oreidy ’11, as he revealed his groups ideas. “You can learn things you never knew before by building a network.”

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