Professor Danke Li’s New Book on Ordinary Women in China’s War of Resistance Against Japan Is Off the Press

Submitted by Lisa Calderone MFA '11 on January 7, 2010

news_cas_danke_li_bookEchoes of Chongqing is a new collection of annotated oral histories that record the personal stories of 20 Chinese women who lived in the wartime capital of Chongqing during China’s War of Resistance against Japan during World War II. The women interviewed came from differing social, economic, and educational backgrounds and experienced the war in a variety of ways – some of them active in the communist resistance and others trying to support families or pursue educations in the face of wartime upheaval.

The accounts of how women coped, worked, and lived during the war years in the Chongqing region recast historical understanding of the roles played by ordinary people in wartime and give women a public voice and face that, until now, have been missing from scholarship on the war.

Echoes of Chongqing: Women in Wartime China by Danke Li, an associate professor of history and codirector of the women’s studies program at Fairfield University, was published on January 4, 2010 by the University of Illinois Press.

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