A Prairie Home Companion Comes to the Quick Center

Submitted by Jorge Espino '11 on February 12, 2010

A crowd of fans gathered on Tuesday, February 9th at the Quick Center for the Performing Arts to watch a live HD broadcast of Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion.” Since its radio debut in 1974, Garrison Keillor has found his way into the homes and hearts of millions. Although most in attendance were long-time fans, this variety show offers entertainment for people of all ages.

Broadcast live from the Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota, Keillor strolled onto the screen wearing a tux with a red tie and red running shoes as the band greeted him with the show’s theme song. He introduced his guests, including Elvis Costello and Heather Masse. Each guest took part in Garrison’s trademark skits that never fail to humor the audience. After the skits, Keillor, Costello, and Masse proceeded to sing and were later joined by Jeralyn and Jevetta Steele. The crowd in the Quick Center clapped after each number as if they were in the Fitzgerald Theatre.

Although “A Prairie Home Companion” is a timeless part of American public radio, Garrison Keillor has admitted in recent interviews and in the HD broadcast that, “The numbers just aren’t there anymore.” His replacement has been chosen, yet it is still unsure when he will step down. By the manner in which the crowd at the Quick Center responded to his acts, it is certain that Garrison Keillor will not soon be forgotten.

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