The Russian Hour: To Try or Not To Try with Elena Sergeeva

Submitted by Genevieve Bleidner '13 on February 22, 2010

cas_news_rs_russianhourOn Wednesday, February 3, Fairfield University kicked off the spring ‘10 season of “The Russian Hour,” a weekly, hour-long discussion based on all things Russia. The meetings have continued to be held in the LARC, and are usually scheduled to run from 1 to 2 pm on Wednesday afternoons.

This meeting in particular was geared towards acclimating traveling students and faculty to different food and cuisine while abroad, as well as customs and etiquette associated with the Russian dining experience. The discussion, led by Elena Sergeeva, was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

The talk began with comparisons of eating in other countries, as well as hospitality while abroad and the traditions and customs of Russian eating. Tips on what to do when invited to a family’s home to eat, as well as what not to do when presented with a dish you are wary to try, were covered. The history of Russian cuisine and customs were also discussed, and participants left with a better idea of what to expect about their dining experience on their Russian travels.

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