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Submitted by Lizzy Miceli on March 16, 2010

The Counselor Education Department’s “Connections and Conversations Series for Human Service Professionals” hosted 54 participants for Dr. Courtland Lee’s informative and engaging workshop regarding cross-cultural counseling relationships from the University of Maryland on Saturday, February 27.

Dr Lee led the workshop “Multicultural Counseling: Issues and Interventions for Promoting Social Justice.” His charismatic personality and non-threatening disposition supported a wealth of knowledge and insight pertaining to multicultural exchanges and social justice, including eye-opening considerations concerning societal and cultural privilege and power. He emphasized professional counselors’ responsibility to social advocacy and activism and, in turn, reprioritized the role of a professional counselor. He also stressed the importance as a counselor to view every interaction as an opportunity to learn. The workshop emphasized culturally competent counseling as a force for promoting advocacy and social justice in a variety of settings.

Dr. Lee is a professor and director of the Counselor Education Program at the University of Maryland, College Park. In addition to his own academic authorship, he is co-editor of four books on multicultural counseling, three on counseling African American males and two on counseling and social justice. He is an internationally recognized authority and is president of the International Association for Counseling, among other honors.

Dr. Diana Hulse, Professor and Chair of the Counselor Education Department, describes Dr. Lee as a dynamic, inspirational speaker and international leader in the counseling profession. She believes that through Dr. Lee’s research, teaching, and service activities, he motivates new and experienced professionals to engage in activities that support advocacy and social justice.

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