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Submitted by Laura McDermott '10 on March 18, 2010

Fairfield University’s posts. is hosting a film series through the months of March and April, showing films that were either made during the Great Depression or about the Great Depression. Swing Time was the first film shown in the series on the evening of Wednesday, March 3 in the Library Multimedia Room.

American Studies Professor 222 pill viagra. hosted the showing of Swing Time. Before the movie began, he discussed what going to the movies in the 1930s was like, and how important it was for people to have movies to escape to in a time of such difficulty.

Swing Time stars dancing legends Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and is a light romantic comedy that breaks out intermittently with song and dance. The plot is centered on a young male dancer and gambler named John or “Lucky,” who shows up late to his wedding. To appease his father-in-law and fiancé, he promises to earn $25,000 to prove he’s worthy. However, Lucky meets Penny, a dance instructor in New York, and they fall in love along with becoming a successful dancing duo. After finding out his fiancé is actually in love with another man, Lucky fights and successfully wins Penny’s heart.

The audience of Swing Time relaxed as they stepped away from modern day concerns and discovered what the movie experience of the 1930s was like for themselves.

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