CT Women’s Hall of Fame Exhibit Comes to Fairfield University

Submitted by Laura McDermott '10 on April 13, 2010

The opening reception for Women’s History month took place on March 22 in the BCC Oak Room and featured an exhibit by the CT Women’s Hall of Fame, a non-profit educational organization. The exhibit, which honors the legacies of Connecticut women, will remain on display until March 26.

The banners of the exhibit featured famous women in all types of fields such as health reform, civil liberties, and creative expressions. Harriet Beecher Stowe and Katherine Hepburn were just a couple of the women who were honored.

There were two speakers at the opening. The executive director of the CT Women’s Hall of Fame, Katherine Wiltshire, discussed the importance of continuing to honor the achievements and stories of women who provide good role models for females of all ages. She also discussed how women’s studies provide people with a different kind of history than the one conventionally taught in high school. The CT Women’s Hall of Fame, an educational outreach program that brings its exhibit to the public instead of vice versa, helps in this effort.

The second speaker was Dean of the University College at Fairfield, Dr. Edna Wilson. Dr. Wilson reminded the audience that this was the year of activism at Fairfield, of which the exhibit was an excellent example. She hopes that there will be more nominations for the Hall of Fame this year.

In all, the opening of the CT Women’s Hall of Fame Exhibit at Fairfield was an interesting and informative way to celebrate the history of extraordinary women.

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