Art Show Curated by Graduating Art History Majors

Submitted by Nancy Habetz on May 10, 2010

pr_southport_art_show10aOne day before they receive their baccalaureate degrees from Fairfield University, seven seniors will welcome guests to their own curated art exhibit at Southport Galleries on Pequot Avenue in Southport, Conn. An opening reception takes place on Saturday, May 22, at 5 p.m. and the exhibit runs through June 7.

The capstone course that led to the exhibit was the culmination of their four years of study as art history majors and was, they said, “a grand attempt to ‘tie it all together’ before we embark into the infinite abyss of the art world.” Philip Eliasoph, Ph.D., professor of visual and performing arts, who has known most of the students since their first year at Fairfield, said it was a wonderful experience to see them progress from students to young professionals.

The students had no textbooks or curricula to help them prepare. Eliasoph told them to keep it simple: find a lead, converse with a family friend, visit a gallery. The event of finding an artist or a painting, he told them, could be serendipitous. And he promised it would be easier than it sounded because there are a plethora of unrepresented artists and a scarcity of empty gallery wall space.

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