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Submitted by JessicaW on October 15, 2010

On the eve of October 12, 2010, Fairfield University was honored to host the 9th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days, welcoming Jewish Ethiopian songwriter and performer, Alula Tzadik, on campus. This lecture and musical performance, entitled “From Ethiopia to America: The Music and Message of Alula,” was sponsored by linknext here. g, and clap along with him. There were also 4 Fairfield students who were invited to sing with Tazdik for 2 songs, including one of his most well known, Peace to You:

“Because of my brothers and friends Because of my sisters and friends Please, let me ask please, let me say Peace to you This is the house, the house of the Lord, I wish the best for you ”

Tzadik’s songs included a traditional African song, a song in Yiddish, and Hakuna Matata which he teaches the young children, as well as many others throughout the night. Although many of his songs are traditional, he makes them his own, turning many into reggae songs that he believes will get more people involved. Through his songs and stories, Tzadik encouraged us to realize that although we are all individuals and have our own obstacles to face, altogether we are one human race and should strive to become united  – whether it be through faith, music, or other forms.

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