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Submitted by JessicaW on October 29, 2010

discount cialis fedex. The Ham Channel held its first-ever “TEXT-IN-2-WIN” Special late night at the Levee on October 26th. Throughout this live studio event, students texted in to say how much they love the Ham Channel and answer random trivia questions which were given as the night went on, such as “How many undergrads are here at Fairfield?” and “How many texts do you think are sent daily?”

Along with commentary from the broadcasters, there were many other performances throughout the night. The all-male a capella group, the Bensonians, performed a few of their most fun songs, including serenading a student who was picked at random from the audience. After the musical numbers, a small group of students from “Your Mom Does Improv” also stepped up to the stage to entertain TV viewers. Finally, the last performance of the night involved a game called “Emozones” played by 2 of the cast members. In this game, the stage was split into 3 different sections, with a designated emotion given to each section. While carrying on a normal conversation, crew members had to “emote” based on where they stood on the stage.

After all the guest performances, the broadcasters came back to announce the final texting opportunity of the night: a speed competition. The phrase “the inebriated college student gets pecked by a wild turkey” flashed on the television screen, and whoever was the fastest at texting it in won the last prize of the night.

Entertaining broadcasts like these are what we can expect from the Ham Channel on a regular basis. So tune in, cheap free delivery. .

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