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Bill Lucas ’69 committed his life work to the financial stability of Fairfield University. He began working at the University the summer after his freshman year in 1966, in the Accounting Department, and immediately found his calling. Over his 41-year career, he held the positions of Director of Financial Aid (1969), University Controller (1972), and Vice President of Finance (1983) – diligently tending to the institution’s fiscal health until his retirement in June 2010. Under his leadership, Fairfield doubled in size and operated within a balanced budget for 34 consecutive years. discount cialis fedex link.

For his outstanding effort, the Alumni Association honored Bill Lucas in 2005 with Fairfield University’s Distinguished Administrator Award.

Watch His Acceptance Speech

[FMP width="300" height="202"]http://www.fairfield.edu/media/video/lucas_15fps.flv[/FMP]

“We as a community are deeply saddened at the news of his untimely death. All of us who knew Bill will remember him as a man who was passionate about the Jesuit vision for the University. Bill Lucas contributed greatly to the growth of Fairfield and led with dignity, a quiet strength, and great devotion, not only to the institution’s financial health but also to its people – students, faculty, staff, and extended family.”

- The Reverend Jeffrey von Arx, S.J., President of Fairfield University

“There have been several individuals in Fairfield’s history who already do and will forever rank among the ‘giants.’ I think most historians of Fairfield will agree that Bill is one of these individuals. He understood higher education administration broadly. He did more to advance student life and the academic mission of Fairfield than people will ever know.”

-Mark Reed, Vice President of Administration and Student Affairs

“For over 40 years of service, Bill has been the rock upon which the integrity and success of the Finance Division has been built. His steadfastness, devotion, and sheer effort he put into every task he tackled inspired the rest of us to try to follow suit. An exceptional attribute was the respect he showed his team and everyone he dealt with over the years; another one was his sense of humor that seemed to peak when times got rough. I will never forget his sincerity, his honesty, and his love of Fairfield – and the University community as a whole.”

- Michael Maccarone, Associate Vice President of Finance

“Bill had tremendous school spirit and great pride as an alumnus in all of our athletic programs, but he was particularly fond of basketball. Last year we surprised him by honoring him before a home basketball game with a jersey that we were going to have framed. After the ceremony, he actually put it on and wore it the entire game! If we didn’t ask for the jersey back for official framed presentation at the basketball banquet in May, I’m convinced he would have worn it to bed that night. The jersey was numbered “1” and I think that’s how many of us saw Bill – as our #1 Stag fan.”

- Gene Doris, Director of Athletics

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