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Submitted by Web Communications on December 16, 2010

February 2 – 11, 2011

Mondi di Riverenza, Works by Bailey Cardinal
2010 Larrabee Recipient
Lukacs Gallery

Artist Statement

This last year I have struggled with a lot personally. Rough times forced me to re-examine myself as a person, the worst and best parts. When I left for my semester abroad in Italy I had certain expectations; I was filled with many fears and doubts about the upcoming months. However, in my time there, surrounded by a calming and beautiful atmosphere, I found myself healing. My initial idea for this project was to find places were I could find peace and meditation, places that I classified as reverent. However, as the trip progressed and I was exposed to different types of places with different people, I found myself being struck by certain places. The Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice, and Prague all made lasting impressions on me. These places stood out in my mind and as I explored the images of these places through my photographs, I began to see a vision form in my mind of what I wanted. As I worked on transferring my own photos into paintings, I chose photos that invoked a powerful memory in me from the places I had visited.

The title of my show, which I chose before leaving, Mondi di Riverenza, roughly translates to worlds of reverence. I wanted it to be an exploration of places were I myself found peace and serenity away from a busy, bustling life. I could not have imagined it turning out any better. The works in this show are a testament to my letting go of everything I was afraid of, all my doubts, and giving myself up to the beauty around me. All of the works here were a way for me to focus on the one thing in my life that has always been constant – a passion for the arts.

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