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Submitted by Meredith Guinness, Assistant Director, Media Relations on December 17, 2010

A site specific art project by homepage click. in the College of Arts and Sciences, is part of an intriguing, well-received group exhibition running through Friday, Dec. 31, at Trinity Museum within Trinity Church, off Wall Street in New York City. The exhibit, “All Insignificant Things Must Disappear: The Social Sphere and the Post Economic Landscape,” featuring 13 international artists, considers the recent economic crisis and the range of social and cultural consequences we struggle to comprehend in its wake.

“Artists, so often acting as barometers for society’s evolution, have a role to play in navigating this latest challenge,” said Darren Jones, curator of the exhibition. “By offering alternative ways of seeing the volatility of recent times, All Insignificant Things Must Disappear aims to foster discussion and consideration for the road ahead.”

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