Submitted by Mike Moritz '11 on February 21, 2011 follow link. , the exhibition featured a group of 6 students learning about and feeling human, sheep, and rat brains.

Although the room was filled with the stench of formaldehyde, the human brains, which were about 40 years old, were perfect for examination. Each structure of the brain was pointed out by Dr. Harding and their functions were described, too. The rat brains were astonishing to see as they were much smaller than one would expect. Dr. Harding brought those brains out in tiny lab slides that are normally used for microorganisms. The sheep brains fit snugly into one’s palm and looked like miniature versions of the human brain.

Joe Calvaruso ’11, president of the psychology club, was used to seeing and touching brains as part of his classes. “As a psych major I am constantly learning about the different parts of the brain and what they look like,” he said. The 4 other students were all used to seeing brains also, as they were either psychology or pre-med majors.

As an English major, it was interesting to hold a human brain and learn more about the different parts. English majors don’t typically get to wear lab coats and examine parts of the body, so it was a great learning experience.

Anyone who would like to partake in an upcoming psychology club event should contact Joe Calvaruso at web.

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