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MBNQA is operated as a partnership between private industry and The tablets uses. (NIST), which is an agency of the U.S. Commerce Department. The mission of the Baldrige program is to improve the competitiveness, efficiency, quality, and performance of U.S. organizations.

Congress created the Baldrige Award program to:

  • Identify and recognize role-model businesses
  • Establish criteria for evaluating improvement efforts
  • Disseminate and share best practices

Organizations from the education, health care, manufacturing, nonprofit/government, service, and small business sectors may apply for the award.  In the process of preparing the application, these organizations develop techniques that promote performance excellence.  They contribute to the learning and sharing of successful strategies and performance practices, principles, and methodologies used by American organizations.

As an examiner, Dr. Hoffman will participate in a team that will perform an independent review of a Baldrige Award application and participate in a site visit. As a board member he may also serve as an ambassador for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

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