Submitted by Web Communications on May 1, 2011

I know now that I need a job that is more interactive and hands-on with children.

Katherine Halloran

Program: International Studies

Hometown: Morris, CT

why fairfield?

I chose to become an International Studies major after being at Fairfield for a year and a half. I began in the nursing school and realized it wasn’t the exact fit (at least at that time in my life). I chose International Studies after hearing good things about the program through students that were older than me. My internship was related to my major as its goal was to help children all around the world. Through my internship at Save the Children I realized I wanted my focus to be on children specifically.

Why “Save the children”?

I had a number of good internship opportunities to choose from. I chose Save the Children because it was the one I had heard the most about and thought it would be helpful to have that on my resume. I went there every Tuesday and Thursday and worked on obtaining information to create a database of schools on the East cost.

Lessons Learned

I have learned to work well with others and manage my time well. The internship is not the exact fit for me but without having tried it out I would have assumed that I would want it for a job. Now I know I need a job that is more interactive and hands-on with children.

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