Project Peg / Women’s Day 2011

Submitted by JessicaW on May 11, 2011

The lower level of the BCC was busy all day on April 8th as students and faculty passed through and visited the Women’s Day event sponsored by Project Peg, a feminist group on campus that strives to educate people about gender image and equality through static and performing art. The goal of Women’s Day is to enlighten the Fairfield community about gender image. Some of the creative approaches to the subject were:

  • Student artwork, which included answers to the question, “What is the best thing about your gender?” posted on boards for everyone to see
  • A crafts table with supplies for anyone interested in contributing to the artwork in their own personal way
  • A bake sale where women paid 77 cents while men paid $1 in order to emphasize the disparity in the workplace

Photos by Jessica Wyszynski ’14

Professors and Co-Directors Liz Hohl and Danke Li, along with members of the Women’s Studies Coordinating Committee, Professors Rose Rodrigues and Cathy Giapponi, were also at the event. They worked a table where students were able to learn more about the program, upcoming events, and a possible minor. In addition, a short musical performance entertained attendees.

The assistant coordinator of the event, Alicia Bissonnette ’12, said the day was a success because, “People talked about gender, created art about gender, learned some reasons why the genders and sexes still are not 100% equal in reality, and were able to witness the academic side as well.”

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