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Submitted by Web Communications on June 3, 2011

I will be forever grateful for the skills I have garnered in public speaking, not to mention professional writing, group work, and research techniques.

Caitlin Young ’12

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Program: M.A. in Communication

Extracurricular: Varsity Women’s Lacrosse (2009-10),
Graduate Assistant Sports Information Department (2010-11)

Why an m.a. in communication at fairfield?

I chose to pursue a graduate degree in Communication studies because I wanted to broaden my academic horizon. I am interested in the marketing and advertising aspect of communication studies (specifically within the sports realm) and hope that this program will further my previous sports background and put me in the best possible position for my future career. I am from the Fairfield County area and Fairfield University has been on my radar ever since I applied to colleges back in high school. I really wanted a smaller school than where I went undergrad, and I thought being part of a relatively new program would be a fantastic opportunity.

change for the better

As I head into the final chapter of my graduate experience, I can honestly say this program has changed me for the better in more ways than just in the classroom. The unique techniques the professors use to teach the curriculum and engage us in what we are learning – whether it be service learning, group work, or individual presentations – has been monumental in my learning process. I am also now a much more confident public speaker, an area I really struggled with coming into the program. I think that is a proficiency that is often overlooked, and I’m so grateful for the experience I’ve had to improve on such a vital skill for any future career.

learning highlights

I will be forever grateful for the skills I have garnered in public speaking, not to mention in professional writing, group work, and research techniques. Other highlights include taking the service learning course, “End Of Life Communication.” I was really moved by that experience, and truly think the best way to learn is by doing. To actually act out and experience first hand at the Branford Conn. Hospice what we were learning about in the classroom was very rewarding.

I also really enjoyed doing an Independent Study, which then led to attending the International Communication Association (ICA) conference in Boston this May. It was a unique experience because it was that much more individualized, and I ended up seeing academia at its best at an international conference (something I never even knew existed). The ICA was also an excellent opportunity to network.

faculty as resources

I think the faculty in the program right now are unbelievable resources not just because they are all experts in their field, but between all of them they are so varied that you can have a common interest with one or a couple of them. I also found the Communication professors to have a genuine interest and sense of duty to be of utmost help to their students whenever and however possible. I’ve never had professors so interested and so willing to help in what each individual is doing and interested in accomplishing. I absolutely think the impact I could potentially make in a field of choice will be inspirational to others solely because I have been so inspired by my professors, their teaching methods, and in general their genuine interest in the success of their graduate students.

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