Core Profile: Evan Barden ’08

Submitted by Web Communications on July 27, 2011


No one wants to work with, be friends with, or be married to a robot.

Evan Barden ’08

Hometown: Winchester, MA

Program: Finance, International Business

Extracurricular: Theatre Fairfield [Actor], Your Mom Does Improv! [President; Director], Residence Life [RA], WVOF [DJ], The Mirror [writer], NRHH [Vice President], Alpha Sigma Nu [President], Club Baseball [player], University College [employee], Office of Student Diversity Programs [Cura Personalis Mentor]

Honors: Alpha Sigma Nu, Sigma Iota Rho, Magna Cum Laude, Dean’s Scholarship, Dean’s List [6x]

on becoming a successful student

The Core forced me to take classes which, as a business student, I most likely would have never taken. Many of these classes were my favorites. It’s easy to be wrapped up in the requirements of your major, and the Core reminds us that we need to have a well-rounded education to be a successful student.

on becoming a successful professional

The core taught me to be a well-rounded student, which has helped me to become a well-rounded employee. I sought out companies which allowed for employees to be involved in many facets of the company and have ownership over their careers. I wear many hats in my current role, and that kind of multiplicity was in part developed by the Core.

on becoming a success all-around

No one wants to work with, be friends with, or be married to a robot. We all want real, interesting people in our lives. Broadening your mind and education is something that’s crucial for forming a balanced sense of self and personality.

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