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I enjoyed my Core classes because they allowed me to interact with students of different majors and career paths, expanding my friendship circles…

Kelly Young ’10

Hometown: Floral Park, NY

Major: History; Minor: Education

Extracurricular: Kadima, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Mu Gamma, FUSA Senate, C&NS Student Computing, Fairfield Corps, Peer Mediation Training

Honors: 2009-10 Recipient of the Carl & Dorothy Bennett Center Student Recognition Award, 2009-2010 Recipient of the Walter Petry Prize for Future Teachers, Dean’s List

Core = broader horizons & circles

The Core experience allows students to take classes to fulfill personal interests while still supporting their major and their ever-growing personality. I enjoyed my Core classes as well because they allowed me to interact with students of different majors and career paths, expanding my friendship circles and allowing me to learn about Fairfield’s other Schools and programs. The Core also allowed me to explore some minor interests such as Russian culture or American sociology while also expanding my broader view of the world.

academic impact

My foreign language requirements turned into a Spanish minor which has impacted my life greatly by increasing my understanding of the language and helping to complete requirements for my master’s degree as well. Many of the core courses such as Politics, Philosophy, and Religion served to enhance my History major and Education minor by focusing on different aspects of world events.

favorite core experience

My favorite experience was a cluster course I took as a freshman. It combined Dr. McFadden’s HI30, focusing on Russian History, with Dr. Pichlikova-Burke’s Into to Russian History Course, focusing on art, music, literature, and film. The cluster allowed us more opportunities for connecting our lessons, an amazing field trip, and the opportunity to have 2 classes with individuals, some of whom are still my closest friends. This was my first class with Dr. McFadden and his passion for the subject inspired me to take 2 more of his courses, creating an even closer relationship between myself and my History adviser.

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