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Submitted by JessicaW on September 15, 2011

Under sunny skies in the late afternoon of Tuesday, September 13, the Class of 2015 and returning students were welcomed by faculty, staff, and the University community for the Fall 2011 Convocation. As the Class of 2015 formed a processional line onto Bellarmine Lawn, the Glee Club sang a beautiful rendition of America’s national anthem and Fairfield’s alma mater.

Fall 2011 Convocation

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The ceremony began with an opening prayer by Father Doody, followed by a welcoming message from FUSA President Charlie Knights who introduced the Class of 2015 to their class theme: Worlds Imagined. Knight posed the question, “How can you, as Fairfield students, promote change?” The Rev. Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J., President of Fairfield University, then introduced this year’s convocation speaker, Danke Li, associate professor of history.

Professor Li spoke about the natural beauty of our planet, the tragedy of its degradation, and global peace through society, music, culture, ideas, and actions. She also spoke of self-examination, including the understanding that we are all already global citizens, affected by the same challenges and concerns as others around the world, and explained that it was up to us to take personal actions to make a difference.

Following Professor Li’s speech, the Class of 2015 was presented with their class gift – a small handheld globe – representing the class theme of Worlds Imagined.

After the close of the Convocation, a community cookout was held in the Oak Room Patio so the freshman class could be further welcomed into the Fairfield family.

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