Beyond the Rolling Fire: Paintings by Robyn W. Fairclough

Submitted by JessicaW on October 6, 2011

The Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery, located in Fairfield University’s Quick Center for the Arts, was busy with students, faculty, and Fairfield county residents as they mingled among the new exhibition, “Beyond the Rolling Fire: Paintings by Robyn W. Fairclough” on September 22nd. The exhibition features 45 of Robyn Fairclough’s recent drawings and paintings that portray figures in interior environments alongside those with traditional outdoor scenes.

Fairclough has been given excellent reviews by newspapers, magazines, and countless art critics who describe her as a process painter, meaning that the journey of the painting determines its final outcome. Her paintings and drawings have been on display for years in many well-known galleries – both in the United States and abroad – and Fairfield University is extremely honored to showcase her brilliant works.

After a fire that destroyed her Vermont studio and all the works inside it – 35 years of her work – Fairclough came back to create new, remarkable artwork. “Beyond the Rolling Fire” strives to showcase some of her earlier work as well as more recent paintings and drawings that were impacted by the fire.

Anyone who is interested in seeing some of her incredible artwork should take a few moments and head to the Walsh Gallery where her art will be on display until December 4.

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