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Julie Whittaker, an executive member of Students for Social Justice and presenter of this event said, “Peace in the Middle East is revealed through a new light and point of view that peace is one of the options in solving the ongoing Israeli and Palestinian conflict. This documentary is based on a Palestinian village of Budrus united with Israeli peace activists and foreign supporters to peacefully protest the construction of the Israeli Separation Barrier on their land.”

order by phone. emerged in response to the lack of media coverage of Palestinian and Israeli civilians working to end the occupation and the conflict.

Due to the success of the Budrus, other Palestinian villages near the West Bank began to mimic their actions. The relevance of this event can be seen with the Palestinian Authority seeking statehood in the UN.

The seats in the Oak Room were almost completely filled with a diverse audience that ranged from business students, students in the College of Arts and Sciences, professors, and student leaders. Following the event, Sohail Sumra ’15 responded, “I thought the movie was a great example of how non-violent movements are the best path towards peace and progress.”

This documentary contends that it is possible to have peace in the Middle East. The presenters hope that the film has helped spread awareness among the Fairfield University community concerning the possibilities of peace in the Middle East.

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