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My Psych courses add great insight into how politicians behave and offer creative strategies for overcoming drama to retain the true mission of being an elected official.

Suzanne S. Testani ’12

Hometown: Trumbull, CT

Program: Psychology

Appointments: Vice Chairman, Trumbull Town Council Chairman, Legislation/ Administration Council Sub-Committee, District 1 Rep., Active Executive Board Member Trumbull Business Education Initiative (BEI), Chairman 2005-2010, Field Sign Fundraising Committee THS Touchdown Club, Program/ Fitness Coordinator, Greenwich Senior Center

NOTE: Ms. Testani is seeking re-election to the Trumbull Town Council, District 1. You can learn more about her here. Regardless of party affiliation, please exercise your right to vote this Tuesday Nov. 8. Most polling locations open at 6 a.m. and close promptly at 8 p.m. Due to the recent inclement weather, Governor Malloy has extended the date for voter registration until Nov. 7, 2011.

why fairfield?

I attended Fairfield University in the mid 80’s after completing my A.S. Degree in Human Services from Housatonic Community College with honors. I began my career with The Town of Greenwich in 1985 and it was suggested by my supervisor that I complete my Bachelor’s Degree in order to qualify for entrance into the town’s management level union. I later became the Acting Supervisor of the Nathaniel Witherell Home’s Therapeutic Recreation Dept., Greenwich’s municipal nursing facility (the last of its kind in Conn.). After a long hiatus of raising my two sons and becoming involved in the PTA, sports, community, church volunteerism, and local politics, I decided it was time to continue my studies in an honest effort to complete my degree. I chose Fairfield for its stellar reputation and my strong roots to the Town of Fairfield as well as my Catholic upbringing. The professors are truly special and sincerely dedicated to their students.

why psychology?

The courses in Psychology and Philosophy have definitely broadened my ability to understand the thinking and behavioral processes of my clients here at the Greenwich Senior Center. We currently have 3,500 members and each and every individual has their own particular style, ability, goals, and interests. The Art Appreciation course helped me to further understand the works of the great masters over the millennia as we frequently hold seminars and sponsor museum trips for our art enthusiasts several times a year. Same goes for my political constituency. I am the voice in our town’s government for District 1 which consists of 3,000 Trumbull residents. I have been involved with educational issues as the Council approves funding each year to the BoE so it may support the necessary programs for the students in the TPS system. My Psych courses add great insight into how politicians behave and offer creative strategies for overcoming drama to retain the true mission of being an elected official.

a legacy to follow

I absolutely love the professors. I love the fact that they are unique individuals who literally go out of their way to connect with their students. I also enjoyed sharing class space with a variety of age groups. I experienced the class moving forward with everyone learning together regardless of age. The weekend and weekday courses were especially convenient for me being a career woman and active community leader. Fairfield has also enabled me to benefit scholastically from my extensive work experience. I have been issued credits towards my degree that have streamlined my journey to completing my B.A. On a more personal note, I feel a special bond with the school as my father refurbished the stonework on several buildings at the University many years ago. He, too, was a Fairfield native and politician holding the position of Chairman of the Fairfield Tax Review Board for 16 years. My father’s gone now, but lives on through his lovely masonry work at Fairfield University and throughout the Town of Fairfield.

2 courses away…

Fairfield University is a wonderful learning institution that provides its students with a state-of-the-art education that will enable them to compete in today’s global theater. I feel the positive student spirit as I travel to and from my classes. I still have a few courses to complete and look forward to graduating w/ my degree. The past 6 months have been consumed with my chairing the laborious Charter Revision process, but I will be returning to Fairfield University in the spring to complete my final 2 courses. It’s been a lifelong dream for me which will soon come true!

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