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Submitted by Enerida Ademi '13 on November 29, 2011

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The non-profit organization “Jane Doe No More” sent their speakers, staff, and those involved with raising
awareness about the topic of rape to speak to the Fairfield University and community. “Jane Doe No More will shorten the time, from crime to healing, for survivors of sexual assault.” The organization’s objective. The event took place on Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 7 to 9 p.m. The night started with a dinner that included Fairfield student leaders, the main speakers from the organization, staff on campus, and members of Fairfield police department, speaking about the topic of rape.  “Every two minutes someone in this country is raped,” stated on the organization’s website, ( buy viagra 32. ).

The presentation included a panel of 6 people. The two speakers were; the founder of Jane Doe No More, Inc., Donna Palomba along with Kristen Baumer, sexual assault survivor. Both of these strong women shared their stories of sexual violence and how they survived, now reaching out to other victims. The panel also included Fairfield University student, fighting for social justice and raising awareness around campus, Marissa Tota ’12. There were two panelists From the Fairfield police department, Detective Kerry Dailing, and Chief Gary MacNamara. Lastly the panel included Judith Kamble, a nurse specialist in sexual assault in the campus health center. Levitra Online Italia. “I am Jane Doe,” said Palomba starting her story. She talked about the organization then spoke about her story. She then shared a video from the dateline Edition, which revealed her story and the police call she made the night of her rape. She focused on how, “The police station did not believe me based on rumors”. Palomba began sharing her story by stating, “rape is the most under-reported crime in America”.

The Kelley Center presentation room was beyond full as attendees found space by sitting on the floor and outside of the room. There were numerous questions raised about how the university is taking measures to help students who have experienced sexual assault. Judith Kamble states that the health center has reliable resources, and can also help connect victims to local organizations who have more resources.

Todd A. Pelazza, director of the Public Safety department on campus spoke about how public safety can help students. He talked about the Red watch project on Fairfield University, where students who help fellow students will not be penalized if they call in an incident. Also the department offers self- defense classes, and the amnesty program through Public Safety. “We can talk about sex, regardless of being at a Jesuit University,” expressed Kamble.  This event is instrumental in helping, and offering information to, college campuses like, Fairfield University, for help both on and off campus.

“Jane Doe No More is improving the way society responds to victims of sexual assault.” Jane Doe Mission.

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