Submitted by Virginia Weir, Assistant Director of Advancement Communications on February 9, 2012


Fairfield has taught me to ask questions and to look beyond the obvious. Ultimately, Fairfield has provided me with the tools to look inward into who I am while always trying to better myself and those around me.

Greg Burke ’12

Hometown: Walpole, Mass.

Double-Major: Accounting & Economics

Double-Minor: Mathematics & Philosophy

Magis Scholar

Why did you choose Fairfield?

Picking a college was a difficult decision for me, but when it came down to it, Fairfield was the right choice. Fairfield University offered me a personalized college experience. At Fairfield I’ve had the opportunity to get to know my professors, fellow students, and other members of the community on a deeper and more meaningful level. At Fairfield, I can also better share my talents with others given the vast array of opportunities that are offered to students.

How has your experience been?

I have been blessed with some great friends at Fairfield. The relationships I have formed here have been meaningful, influential, and have helped form me into the person I am today.

I have always struggled with what my place is in the world. Still to this day I am not certain what my calling is or “what I am supposed to do when I grow up.” I have also struggled, like many, with my faith and learned that everything that matters in life requires some amount of effort.

Fairfield has encouraged me to face these doubts and challenges with zeal, thoughtfulness, and an open mind. Fairfield has afforded me many opportunities. Through my junior year I committed the majority of my time to FUSA, where I was able to serve the student body and develop closer connections with students, faculty, and administrators on campus. During my sophomore year, I traveled to Spain with the Glee Club and some of my good friends. During my junior year, I participated in a service/immersion trip to Jamaica through campus ministry. This trip greatly affected my outlook on life and my relationships with others. I had such a great experience that I chose to lead the trip this year. Having recently returned from Jamaica, I can say that this trip was a hallmark of my time at Fairfield. I had a powerful experience with a group of fellow students, whom I now consider some of my closest friends.

If my time at Fairfield has taught me nothing else, it’s taught me how to grow as a person. I have learned how to be myself while also forming meaningful relationships with those around me. Fairfield has taught me to ask questions and to look beyond the obvious. Ultimately, Fairfield has provided me with the tools to look inward into who I am while always trying to better myself and those around me.

What was a great moment for you at Fairfield?

During my sophomore year one of the professors that I am particularly close with approached me after class and asked to talk to me. She said that she had noticed that I was busy between my overload of classes and all my extracurricular activities. Then she told me she had picked up a few cans of soup that she would leave in her office if I ever needed something to eat between classes. This really struck me. This kind of attention is what separates Fairfield from competing institutions—this is what Fairfield is all about!

What inspired you to step up to volunteer in student government?

Since high school I’ve been passionate about serving my community, and for my first three years at Fairfield I did this primarily through my work in student government as a student advocate in the Senate. I am passionate about solving problems and advocating for others. Senate gave me the opportunity to pursue this passion and use some of my strengths to help better life on campus. Whether it was bringing rental cars to campus, improving the bus system schedule, or giving input on living and learning communities, Senate was/is involved in almost all aspects of campus.

Of your accomplishments at Fairfield, what are you most proud?

This is a difficult question. I guess if I had to pick something I would say I am proud of the person I have become. I entered Fairfield primarily concerned about advancing myself, but since I have been here I have grown to appreciate more than just titles and awards. These past few years have taught me to be myself and to help others do the same without concern of recognition or advancement. I love being with people and being there with them as they encounter new challenges and joys in their lives. To me, this is what life is all about.

What’s next, after graduation?

This past summer I interned at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) in Boston as a part of their assurance services practice. I spent my time there working on an asset management client of theirs and learned a significant amount about different types of funds. This experience gave me some practical application of all the material we learn in the classroom. I am lucky enough to have been offered a full-time job after my graduation to work with PwC in Boston. I have also considered doing service sometime after graduation and maybe one day going into a Ph.D. program to do policy work and teach.

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