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Submitted by Dr. Barbara Welles-Nystrom on March 7, 2012

Professor Ann Farrell, Head of the School of Early Childhood Faculty of Education, from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, visited the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions during an afternoon tea sponsored in her honor on February 29, 2012. Professor Farrell is an internationally known researcher who has conducted numerous cutting edge research projects on and with young children, which she shared with those who attended the event. Professor Farrell has led a six-university consortium around early childhood teacher education funded by the European Union. Her doctoral students have worked in South Africa and Early Childhood Teacher Education in Papua New Guinea. She also briefly reported on the reform agenda for early education in Australia particularly in teacher education and curriculum development in the early years. Professor Farrell also lectured on research practices in early childhood education for the ED 499 Educational Research course, led this term by Dr. Barbara Welles-Nystrom.

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Front Row: GSEAP Dean Susan Franzosa, Professor Farrell, Dr. Barbara Welles-Nystrom, Wylie Blake, Campus Minister. Back Row: Dr. Bryan Ripley Crandall, GSEAP Board Member Eileen Ward, Jean Fredricks, Children’s Program Director, Caroline House, Bridgeport, CT, Adjunct Professor Bill Kaplan

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